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We start this Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in the land of Galicia, which once was a melting pot for merging all forms of expression in the European culture. Beautiful landscapes, endearing people, ancient culture and an excellent cuisine. All of which can help you finding what you are "looking for" in this personal pilgrimage.

In the last 100 kms Camino de Santiago you can discover the essence of the Way of Saint James. This route is marked by the millions of pilgrims who have traveled it for years

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 460€/person

We start our journey in the mythical O Cebreiro, which is as impressive as it is emblematic. The birthplace of legends, mysteries and miracles. Due to its privileged location between Castilla, León and Galicia, O Cebreiro offers spectacular views of the surroundings.

Along this route we discover the Monastery of St. Julian of Samos, which traces its origins back to the VI century, characterized by beauty and grandiosity like no other. Triacastela, established by Aymeric Picaud (S. XII), will be the final destination of one of the later stages in the “French Way”. Once we reach Sarria, we will tackle the last 100 kms to reach Santiago de Compostela.

Duration: 9 days/8 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 585€/person

Tui is the gateway to Spain for the "Portuguese Way", which starts in Lisbon. In Galicia the path continues parallel to the Rias Bajas of Vigo and Pontevedra.

A journey that will take place in eight days, across lush landscapes, rivers and forested areas.

On our way we will walk through localities of great historical significance and architectural beauty such as Redondela, Pontesampaio, Pontevedra, Caldas de Rei and Padron, which according to the legend, was the place where the boat that brought the remains of the Apostle from Palestine docked.

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 495€/person

The Fisterra way begins in Santiago de Compostela. You can reach Finisterre that means the end of the world Known.

On this route you can get the Fisterrana certificate.

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 485€ person

Start of the French Way Camino in Spain, from Roncesvalles, close to the Pyrenees in the area of Navarra. Route of extraordinary culture, traditions and monuments that mark it, many of them intimate witnesses of the Route Jacobea.

A trail of marked contrasts, from the Pyrenees, with its beautiful forests, to the streets-villages that were built by and for the Camino, until arriving at the farmlands and vineyards of the Rioja.

Duration: 8 days/7 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 615€/person

The Way of Santiago in the area of La Rioja does not present many kilometers, but the cities by which it runs have a great meaning in the Camino de Santiago.

Stages in the plains of La Rioja, marked by farmlands and its famous vineyards, which find a remarkable orographic change in Oca's Hills, close to Burgos.

Duration: 7 days/6 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 485€/person

This itinerary pass throygh the area of Castilla and León with enormous significance Jacobeo. Small and austere towns. 

The extensive plains will be our traveling companions, as well as millenary bridges, a multitude of beautiful Romanesque churches, among which are some of the most beautiful of the Camino de Santiago.

Route that will mark us, because it will help us to reflect, to meditate and to think in the numerous moments that it will provide us.

Duration: 11 days/10 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 770€/person

Route that runs through very different regions of León until its entrance in Galicia by the mythical O Cebreiro, with its enormous meaning in the Way of Santiago.

We will visit the Maragateria, with the monumental Astorga and Ponferrada, capital of the Bierzo, with its spectacular Castle of the Templars. Half way, we will find the mythical Cross of the Iron, maximum altitude of the French Way.

Duration: 8 days/7 nights

Dates: Pilgrim's choice

Price: 575€/person

You decide all the details of "Your Camino" and we will design it according to your preferences.

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Duration and dates chosen by the pilgrim.