Pilgrim dilemmas

October 10, 2011

Many are those who say that "they" do not do the Santiago's road because it is "something" religious, that does not go with them, that they are not believers, that they see no sense to make a route to Santiago if they do not have faith.

The Way is not just an exclusively "religious" pilgrimage whose primary objective is to give "thanks" or ask for "something" to the Apostle Santiago.


The "Way" can be personal, social or entertainment in search of what everyone wants:

Finding or getting to know yourself better or the friends or family with whom you take the route.

Meet people from different cultures or countries.

Enrich yourself personally

Relax in natural landscapes of great beauty.

Enjoy an exquisite gastronomy: octopus, cooked maragato ...


When you arrive in Santiago, you can express your "Way" as you see fit, what is undeniable is that before the Santiago's cathedral we all dwarf and admire its beauty (be it cultural and / or spiritual).


Pilgrimage councils

Do not close yourself in a band and you believe that you are betraying your values for performing the "Camino", it is still a trekking in which you can share a beautiful experience alone or accompanied ...

Build your trip to Santiago based on your feelings and do not let yourself be captivated by the rush.

Every moment you spend more in Santiago will have enriched the rest of your life.


It's up to you!!!

We help you organize your Route to the Camino de Santiago so you can fully enjoy this unique experience !!! ...

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