The Camino de Santiago and its attraction

2 for February, 2014

How many times have we wondered what the Way has that so many people from all over the world have it in their list of pending things to do it, at least once in their life, and that once they do it, they hook them for different reasons.

We start from the basis that not everyone does the Camino de Santiago with the same motivations. The meaning of this route has evolved with the evolution of time and with today's society, the main motivation not being solely and exclusively the religious factor. Everyone can do the Camino for different reasons: religious, cultural, gastronomic, tourist, sports, etc. In fact, depending on your motivations, when you arrive in Santiago de Compostela, they will deliver you "The Compostela”If they are religiously motivated or another similar certificate if it is for other reasons.

Whatever it is, the Camino is a life experience that will not leave you indifferent and in which each one will experience different sensations. Many will be able to tell you about the Camino de Santiago and its attraction, but what is clear is that you have to experience it in the first person, because reality far exceeds the legend of the Camino.

Camino de Santiago and its attraction

The Camino is about lived experiences, it is not only the photographs that we will remember, but the good times in the company of other pilgrims from different cultures and countries, the help and welcome received, the humane and close treatment of their people, the contact with the nature, finding oneself and feeling inner peace. All of this will free your mind and bring out the best in yourself.

The Camino is surrounded by these positive feelings and energies of so many pilgrims who have traveled it for centuries. Who initiates any of the itineraries of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela He does it full of illusions, hopes, good energy, etc. This is precisely what the pilgrim feels and is impregnated with it. The Camino is "pure life" that goes from its rivers, the slopes of its mountains, the leaves of the trees, its stones, etc.

We believe that it is advisable that each person, even if they go with a large group of people, make their "own Way", at their own pace, not that of others. Other people decide to undertake the solo trip by own decision or by lack of acquaintances that fit the same dates of the trip. This would not be a problem since they later join pilgrims en route, or in the lodgings themselves; Since this is precisely the Camino de Santiago, share the experience with people from all over the world.

The Camino offers us time and moment for everything we seek, time to meet “Camino companions”, think, take photographs, visit monuments of interest on the route, share experiences and experiences, etc.

We advise not to be in a hurry to finish the stages in order to get to the end of them very soon, since it will be necessary to remember that the fundamental part of the Camino is in itself, and not in reaching the end.

The value of the Way and of Life is not in what you walk, in what you discover, or in what you are given; The value of the Way is in the love you offer in your journey.

The Camino de Santiago is a search and a fascination for the universe of the senses.

But make no mistake pilgrims the arrival in Santiago de Compostela It is not the end, but the end of a journey that begins the True Path.

Against routine and stress, the Camino de Santiago has a therapeutic function. Try it and tell us about the experience! Get to know the Camino de Santiago and its attraction in person by consulting our routes Camino de Santiago on foot or the Bike path and if you want to live your true Camino de Santiago and win the Jubilee, we are waiting for you at Holy Year 2021!

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