News of interest on the Camino de Santiago

February 17, 2017

The Figures of the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

In the whole year 2017 in the Pilgrims Office of Santiago de Compostela there were 301,006 pilgrims in front of the 278,232 pilgrims of the year 2016. This represents 8.3% more pilgrims:

By sex

- Pilgrim women 147,857 against 133,998 (Year 2016)

- Pilgrim Men 153,149 versus 144,234 (Year 2016)

Types of Camino more realized

Camino de Santiago on foot  278,462 pilgrims compared to 254,361 year 2016.

Road by bicycle 21,931 bicyclists against the 23,386 year 2016.

The origin of the pilgrims

They visit the Camino de Santiago from all parts of the globe, 56% being foreigners, 6% more than in 2016.

 Most traveled roads

French Way It remains the most traveled mainly with 63.4% of pilgrims

- The Portuguese Way it follows, although at a great distance with 18.7% of the total. It is consolidated as an alternative for those pilgrims who have already made the French Way.

If we compare this data with the Holy Year of 2010, there were 273,376 pilgrims. We are facing an increase of about 28,589 more pilgrims. 

Information about the Saint Jean Pied de Port - Roncesvalles Stage

As in previous years, restricted the passage through one of the variants that give access from St. Jean de Pied de Port to Roncesvalles.

From November 1 and until March 31, the passage through the hills of Bentartea and Lepoeder is restricted, for security reasons, due, mainly, to the bad weather and snow accumulation in this area during the winter season, which has produced in previous years, accidents and numerous rescues that have had to be made to pilgrims who have ventured into this area, without more minimum security measures.

Because of the fog and snow, the vast majority of the signs are not visible and cause loss among walkers. We have to consider that in this stage, one of the most beautiful of the Way, we saved a difference of about 1200 meters, in addition to the climatology, with the effort that this demands of us.

That is why, for those who want to perform this stage, they have to carry it out by the Luzaide-Valcarlos variant and the Ibañeta port to Roncesvalles.