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Legend of Saint Ataulfo against a wild Bull

October 24, 2011
The Camino de Santiago is surrounded by mysteries and legends that give it that emblematic and peculiar character that attracts so many of us. It is an inexhaustible source of stories that have reached our days by popular tradition and that we must continue in our days. One of these many legends is the ... Continued
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Arrival in Santiago de Compostela

October 1, 2011
The arrival at the Plaza del Obradoiro and the Cathedral of Santiago, sure your feet are grateful. It's time: The portico of glory awaits you pilgrim !! We recommend you admire for a while this wonderful Romanesque style, recently restored. Be impressed! It is not just a decorative ornament (although the ... Continued
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Manual of good practices of the Camino de Santiago

October 6, 2011
1. Follow the signs of the road. Respecting the signage you will not get lost and you will avoid accidents. 2. Close the gates, langas, gates and doors. If you walk with your pet, make sure that it does not cause discomfort to other users. 3. A photograph, the best memory. Flowers, plants, animals and stones can have great ecological value ... Continued
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Physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago

October 1, 2011
Get ready physically. Perform a physical preparation, dedicate every day at least an hour or two to walk well, from a month before starting the pilgrimage. We will plan the stages depending on your physical possibilities. Do not worry about the weight of the backpack, since we take care of transporting it from stage ... Continued
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Pilgrim dilemmas

October 10, 2011
Many are those who say that "they" do not do the Camino de Santiago because it is "something" religious, that does not go with them, that they are not believers, that they see no sense to make a route to Santiago if they do not have faith. The Way is not just an exclusively "religious" pilgrimage whose primary objective is to give ... Continued
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The tomb of the Apostle James and his origins

December 9, 2011
The history of the Camino de Santiago begins on a summer sunset in 829, in a Galician forest known as Libredón, where a hermit monk belonging to San Fitz de Solovio and named Pelagio - Paio according to other writings, was fasting, praying and doing penance. When you raise your eyes to the sky, you are amazed as with the ... Continued
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The French Way

January 30, 2012
Itinerary of the French Way It was fixed in the eleventh century, thanks to the efforts of Sancho III el Mayor, Sancho Ramírez de Navarra and Aragón, Alfonso VI and other Kings of Castile, León and Galicia. The Camino de Santiago enters the North of the Peninsula (Pyrenees), through four routes from France: the ... Continued
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Templars on the Camino de Santiago

February 7, 2012
Origins templarios In 1096-1099 the I Crusade is developed, in which participates among others the Hugo de Payns. In the year 1118, the French knight, named Hugo de Payens and the Flemish knight Geoffrey de Saint-Adhemar, decided to promote the foundation of a monastic order, whose purpose was the custody of the Pilgrims and the ... Continued
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Choice of footwear and care of your feet

February 16, 2012
As we have already said in our "Physical preparation" section, no special physical preparation is required, although it is important that a month before starting, you train a little while walking with the boots that you will wear during the Camino. If you have bought new ones you will have to walk a lot more, since they have to be ... Continued
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Make the Camino de Santiago alone

July 31, 2012
How many times have you asked this question that causes so much uncertainty and determines whether or not to do this thousand-year pilgrimage route. But they accompany me, I do not go and I leave it for another time, in addition, with the difficulty that always involves agreeing on dates to go on a trip. Lets try … Continued
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The Camino de Santiago and its attraction

February 2, 2014
How many times have we wondered what the Camino has that so many people from all over the world have it in their list of pending things to do, at least once in their lives, and that once they do it, they are hooked for different reasons. We start from the base that not everyone ... Continued
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Franciscan Year 2014

February 20, 2014
The Franciscan Order inaugurated on January 17 the Jubilee Year commemorating the eighth anniversary of the pilgrimage of Saint Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela. In honor of this anniversary will be given "LA COTOLAYA" which is a Certificate issued in the Church of San Francisco, in Santiago, to all those Pilgrims ... Continued
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Year of Mercy 2016

November 12, 2015
After the Franciscan Year of 2014, Pope Francis has proclaimed an extraordinary Jubilee, through the papal bull called «Mercy Vultus» having as fundamental axis the mercy of God. We are, therefore, facing a Holy Year of Mercy. Its official start will be on December 8 of the current year, day of… Continued
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Distance certificate

February 2, 2017
Since 2017, in addition to the famous and well-known COMPOSTELA, you can now obtain the DISTANCE CERTIFICATE, which is the document that proves the exact place from where the pilgrim started his Camino de Santiago. The distance certificate can be requested by any pilgrim who has made the Camino ... Continued
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The Miracle of O Cebreiro and the Galician Holy Grail

February 9, 2017
Since its peak in the Middle Ages, pilgrims from all over Europe take the routes that lead to the tomb of the apostle in Santiago de Compostela. One of the stops along the way is the Benedictine church of Cebreiro, famous for the Eucharistic Miracle that happened there. Nowadays Cebreiro is still a small village. Its … Continued
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Group excursions near Santiago

February 13, 2017
If your Camino de Santiago on foot or by bicycle ends in Santiago de Compostela, you have the option of enjoying one more day in the area, and explore Galicia in all its splendor. Using Santiago de Compostela as a base to stay, you can make day trips around the area. You just have to request an additional night in ... Continued
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News of interest on the Camino de Santiago

February 17, 2017
The figures of the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela In the year 2017 in the Pilgrims Office of Santiago de Compostela, 301,006 pilgrims received the 278,232 pilgrims of 2016. This represents 8.3% more pilgrims: By sex - Pilgrim women 147,857 as against 133,998 (Year 2016) - Pilgrim men ... Continued
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History of the Camino de Santiago

January 27, 2018
Brief history Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela Santiago el Mayor was Juan's brother, both sons of Zebedeo. After the death of Jesus Christ, Santiago came in preaching to Hispania, according to tradition. Apparently it did not get much success. The Virgin Mary appeared to him in Saragossa, inspiring him with his evangelical task. Of … Continued