pilgrim hospitals

Pilgrim Hospitals on the Camino de Santiago

20 for April, 2020
Pilgrim Hospitals on the Camino de Santiago begin to gain strength once the tomb of the Apostle Santiago was discovered, in the XNUMXth century, a Pilgrimage Way to Santiago de Compostela slowly began, from all points of Christian Europe. At the rate that this flow of pilgrims grew, likewise, it was… Continued
samos monastery

Samos Monastery

11 for April, 2020
The Benedictine Monastery of San Julián and Basilisa (popularly known as the Samos Monastery) is located on the French Way, close to the mythical O Cebreiro in the province of Lugo and encased in a beautiful valley, located in the town of Samos. In our humble opinion the Samos Monastery is probably, after the… Continued
Santiago Compostela pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago. Story of a colossus.

March 25, 2020
About the year 820-830 the tomb of the Apostle Santiago was discovered. Known the news, which spread throughout Europe like gunpowder, the first pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago began, from all corners of the Old Continent, among them, the first pilgrim in history, renowned, was Alfonso II himself the… Continued
Santiago Compostela pilgrimage

The arrival in Santiago de Compostela

1 for October, 2011
The arrival in Santiago de Compostela, the Plaza del Obradoiro and the Cathedral of Santiago, surely your feet appreciate it. It is time: The Portico of Glory and the Cathedral of Santiago await you pilgrim !! Upon arrival in Santiago de Compostela, for a few minutes in the Plaza del Obradoiro, sit down,… Continued
pilgrim's manual

Manual of good practices of the Camino de Santiago

6 for October, 2011
List of tips / rules of the Manual of good practices of the Camino de Santiago 1. Follow the signs on the road. Respecting the signs you will not get lost and you will avoid accidents. 2. Close gates, lobsters, gates, and doors. If you walk with your pet, make sure that it does not cause discomfort to other users. 3. A photograph, the best ... Continued

Pilgrim or hiker

10 for October, 2011
Many are those who say that "they" do not make any route to the Camino de Santiago because it is "something" religious, that it does not go with them, that they are not believers, that they see no sense in making a route to Santiago if they do not have faith . The Camino is not just an exclusively “religious” pilgrimage whose primary objective… Continued
Santiago Compostela pilgrimage

The French Way

January 30, 2012
The French Way Itinerary was set in the XNUMXth century, thanks to the efforts of Sancho III el Mayor, Sancho Ramírez de Navarra and Aragón, Alfonso VI and other Kings of Castilla, León and Galicia. The Camino de Santiago enters the North of the Peninsula (Pyrenees, where the famous Song of Roldan took place… Continued
templar way of santiago

Templars on the Camino de Santiago

7 for February, 2012
Origins of the Templars on the Camino de Santiago In 1096-1099 the First Crusade took place, in which Hugo de Payns participated, among others. In 1118, the French knight, named Hugo de Payens and the Flemish knight Godofredo de Saint-Adhemar, decided to promote the foundation of a monastic order, the purpose of which was the… Continued
mercy year

Year of Mercy 2016

November 12, 2015
The Year of Mercy takes place after the recent Franciscan Year of 2014, Pope Francis has proclaimed an extraordinary Jubilee, through the papal bull called "Mercy Vultus" with the mercy of God as its fundamental axis. We are, therefore, before a Holy Year of Mercy. Its official start will be… Continued
The Compostela

Distance certificate

2 for February, 2017
Since 2017, in addition to the famous and well-known “Compostela”, you can now obtain the Distance Certificate, which is the document that certifies the exact place from where the pilgrim started his Camino de Santiago. The distance certificate can be requested by any pilgrim who has made the Camino… Continued
history way santiago

History of the Camino de Santiago

January 27, 2018
Brief history of the Camino de Santiago and its pilgrimage Santiago el Mayor, was the brother of Juan, both sons of Zebedeo. After the death of Jesus Christ, Santiago came in preaching to Hispania, according to tradition. Apparently it was not very successful. The Virgin Mary appeared to him in Zaragoza, instilling encouragement in his… Continued
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