The Camino de Santiago and its attraction

On numerous occasions we have wondered what the Way of Saint James has that so many people from all over the world have it on their list of things to do, at least once in life, and that once they have done it, they feel captivated by its feeling for different reasons.

We start from the base that not everybody runs the St. James's Way owing to the same causes and incentives. The sense of this route has evolved to a large extent throughout history and in the same ways like social changes, not being solely and exclusively the religious factor the main motivating force. Each person can run the Way of Saint James for different desires: religious, cultural, gastronomic, tourist, sports, recreational, etc.

Whatever it is, the Way of Saint James is an experience of a lifetime that will not leave you indifferent and each pilgrim will feel different sensations along the way. Maybe many people would be able to tell you what the Camino is like, but what is clear as water is that it is something that you must to experience it yourself, because the reality is that the Camino surpasses above and beyond the legend of St. James's Trail.

The Camino is about lived experiences, not only the photographs and views that we will remember and keep in mind, but also the good moments in the company of other pilgrims from different cultures and countries, the help and welcome received from the locals, the human touch, the close and direct contact with other people, harmony with Nature. This is about better oneself and being at peace with yourself. All this will leave you clear-headed and you will get the best version of yourself.

The Way is under the cloak of by these positive feelings and energies of so many and many pilgrims who have travelled throughout it 

for centuries. The pilgrim who begins his way to Santiago de Compostela is full of thrills, hopes, good vibes, etc. This is precisely what the pilgrim feels and is impregnated of it. The Way is "pure life" that comes from its rivers, the slopes of its mountains, the leaves of the trees, the timeless footprints, its eroded stones, etc.

The value of the Way and the Life does not depend on what you walk along, neither in what you discover nor what is given to you; The value of the Way lies in the love that you offer in your path.

The Way is a personal search and a fascination for the universe of the senses.

But do not make a mistake and confuse pilgrims, the arrival in Santiago de Compostela is not the end, but the end of a journey that begins the True Way.

In contrast to the daily routine and the oppressive stress, the Way of Saint James has a therapeutic function. Come on! Try it and tell us your story! Check out our trips to de Camino de Santiago on foot or by bike and LIVE YOUR TRUE ROAD TO SANTIAGO!