The Portuguese Way has the added attraction of Walking between Spain and Portugal. Oporto and Tui are the main starting points. We are facing the second Camino de Santiago with the largest influx of pilgrims, after the French Way.

This route took relevance, following the independence of Portugal in the 12th century, and denotes the international relevance of the Camino, as a vertebrate axis at European level.

How to get to Tui

Option 1: Private car and leave the vehicle parked in Tui

Option 2: Bus

Santiago> Vigo> TuiFrom Santiago to Vigo with the company MONBUS.

From Vigo to Tui with the company ATSA.

Madrid> Vigo> Tui (No direct option)

From Madrid to Vigo with the company AVANZABUS

From Vigo to Tui with the company ATSA.

Option 3: Train (RENFE) Guillarei Station.

Option 4: AIRPLANE

The nearest airports to Tui are Santiago and Vigo.

From here there are two possibilities to get to Tui:

By bus, option seen previously.

Private transfer: pick up at the Santiago / Vigo airport and direct transfer to the Tui hotel. Consult us service rate.

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