Camino de Santiago from Baiona to Santiago

This Camino de Santiago from Baiona (Portuguese Way along the coast) is the only place where you can appreciate the relationship between the calm beaches and the strong waves of the Atlantic, where the sea breeze will accompany us on our way. It is the ideal trail for those seeking new sensations, near the coast, that test the body and clear the mind through landscapes of breathtaking beauty.

Reis coves
Santiago de Compostela
Remember that in Mundiplus we can adapt the kilometers of the stages of the Camino de Santiago from Baiona according to your needs and physical condition.
We have prepared this Portuguese Camino route along the coast for people traveling alone, such as for groups of friends and / or family.

Itinerary Portuguese Way from Baiona (8 days-7 nights-6 stages)

Day 1: Arrival in Baiona. Accommodation.
Day 2: Baiona-Vigo Stage (24 Kms)
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 6h

Breakfast and start of the first stage of the Camino de Santiago from Baiona.

At the exit of Baiona, we will cross the Miñor river, through the Romanesque bridge of Ramallosa, to then enter the Ría de Vigo. Along the Way we will find numerous Pazos and wooded areas, quite leafy, from which we can see in the distance the Cies Islands, as well as the Cruceiros de Mallón and O Pereiro.

In the vicinity of Vigo, we will walk along the path of the Lagares river, Castrelos Park and the Pazo de Quiñones de León, to end in Vigo, the most populated city in Galicia.

Arrival to Vigo. Accommodation.

Day 3: Vigo-Redondela Stage (18,75 Kms)
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 5h 30m

Breakfast and start of the stage.

At this stage, the Camino begins in the city of Vigo and continues parallel to the coast until it reaches Redondela, where it connects with the Central Portuguese Way.

Very pleasant route, without any difficulty, between wooded areas, through the Trada das Augas Trail.

The most spectacular part of this tour is the views of the Vigo estuary, since along the route we will be able to see the Cíes Islands, the Rande Bridge and finally the cove of San Simón, with its island.

Already in Redondela, we can visit the Ilesis de Santiago (S. XII), the Vilavella Convent (S. XVII) and the Casa A Torre (S. XVI)

Arrival to Redondela. Accommodation.

Day 4: Redondela-Pontevedra Stage (19,8 Kms)
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 5h

Breakfast and start of the stage.

Another stage of great beauty, intense green meadows and magnificent views over the Vigo estuary.

We will visit numerous places that will be inviting us to stop at them.

It is worth noting at this stage the passage through Monte Albor and Pontecesures.

Among which Arcade stands out, with its world famous oysters, as well as Ponte Sampaio, famous for having held a battle against the French troops, which led to their withdrawal in Galicia.

Arrival to Pontevedra (where according to the San Francisco de Asís tradition doing the Portuguese Way he founded the Convent of San Francisco). End of the stage Accommodation.

Day 5: Pontevedra – Caldas de Rei (21,9 kms)
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 5h 30m

Breakfast and start of the stage.

After having visited Pontevedra, with its historical center of great monumental value, as well as its many squares, this stage immerses us again in the most rural Galicia, with numerous small villages and isolated houses surrounded by areas of abundant vegetation.

We will transit through small roads and trails, until we reach our goal of the day Caldas de Rei, famous for being a first-rate thermal village.

Arrival in Caldas de Rei. End of the stage Accommodation.

Day 6: Caldas de Rei – Padron (18,5 Kms)
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 4h 30m

Breakfast and start of the stage.

Short and very comfortable stage. We continue through Galicia without great difficulties, with a terrain that invites us to relaxation and meditation.

Small population centers, numerous cruises will appear in our path, mixed with that placid silence that accompanies us since we started our Path.

Arrival to Padron. End of the stage Accommodation.

Spiritual variant-Translatio

There is the possibility of replacing this stage on foot, by a boat trip that runs from Vilanova de Arousa, along the Arousa river, across the river Ulla to Pontecesures, from where we will resume the road, on foot, to Padron (2,5 , XNUMX kms)

Translatio-Traslacion that, according to legend, made the stone boat, with the remains of the Apostle Santiago from Palestine to iria flavia (Padron), along with his two disciples Anastasio and Teodoro.
Day 7: Stage Padron – Santiago de Compostela (24,6 kms)
Difficulty: Easy Duration: 6h

Breakfast and start of the stage.

After our stay in Padrón and Iria Flavia, places of great Jacobean evocation-according to legend, here the boat ran aground with the remains of the Apostle, from Palestine, in a “Pedrón", Which is preserved in the cathedral of that city, we headed towards the end of our Camino.

Stage, not as spectacular as the previous ones, since we will find many paved roads, and the population centers will no longer be so bucolic.

Despite this, we are in an area where much of the legend of the "translatio" of the Apostle, to Santiago de Compostela.

Arrival to Santiago de Compostela. End of our Camino de Santiago from Baiona. Accommodation.

Day 8: Breakfast – End of our services
DID YOU KNOW WHAT… Baiona arrived Painted Caravel, with the news of the discovery of America?

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Double room with breakfast and dinner en route (Santiago breakfast only)
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Route Information
  • Portuguese-Costa Road from Baiona
    • Total distance: 127,55 kms
  • Dates: Free choice. You choose the day!
    • The trip must be booked at least 1 week before the date you have decided.
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  • Additional luggage
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  • Replace Caldas Stage of Reis-Padron
    • Make translatio (boat + foot)
  • 1-day excursions (Bus)
    • Finisterre (Costa da morte) and / or Rias Baixas
  • Extra night in Santiago
    • € 60 / person (Double room with Breakfast)
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