Basic Tips Based on Personal Experience


  • The Camino should not be a race or a competition to see who finishes the stage first. Each person walks “their own Camino” for completely different purposes. For this reason, we should walk at our own pace, without any hurry. “We should not let ourselves be carried away by the pace of others, as otherwise injuries are likely to occur if we do not maintain a pace that we can handle.”
  • Properly adjust your equipment (footwear, socks, backpack, etc.) before starting to walk.
  • If you notice any minor discomfort when starting to walk, whether in your feet or elsewhere on your body, it’s best to stop for a moment and address it, as it may otherwise develop into a blister or sore that bothers you throughout the stage.
  • Drink water, even if you’re not thirsty, in small amounts but frequently, to avoid both dehydration and excessive muscle fatigue.
  • It’s advisable to take a short break, no longer than 10 minutes, approximately every hour to rest and adjust your equipment.
  • Avoid having heavy meals until the end of the stage. As mentioned earlier, having a good breakfast and consuming, if desired, a small sandwich, fruit, nuts, etc., is sufficient to avoid any problems.
  • Start walking early, in the early hours of the morning, to be able to finish by approximately 14:00/15:00 at the latest, and avoid walking when the heat is most intense.
  • Although each person walks their own Camino and has their own motivation for doing so, the Camino creates a “special atmosphere” that envelops everyone who walks it and produces an interaction that is difficult to explain. Therefore, we advise you to “go with the flow” of that atmosphere and enjoy it, day by day, by interacting with your fellow travelers whom you will meet along the route, if you wish.
  • At the beginning of the Camino, you may wear a bit more clothing, but depending on the weather, it’s advisable to walk with less clothing as you will start to sweat, and when you stop to rest, you’ll need warm clothing to avoid getting cold.