Below we present our routes to make a organized trip to the Camino de Santiago. These itineraries are those that enjoy the greatest tradition and popularity among pilgrims.

The different stages of the Camino de Santiago that we offer can be fully customized to the particular needs of each person or group.

Como Travel Agency specialized in the Camino de Santiago We offer you all the necessary services to undertake this emblematic trip: Reserve accommodation Camino de Santiago, Transfer of luggage between stages, Road assistance vehicle in case of emergency, Travel assistance insurance, Telephone attention, Practical information of the Road, Credential of the pilgrim, etc.

If you want you can also do the Camino de Santiago by bicycle.

What is the easiest route of the Camino de Santiago on foot?

El Road from Sarria to Santiago is, for Viajes Mundiplus, the easiest route and suitable for beginners. It is the most recommended route for the elderly and even children. Except for some slightly more significant ascents or descents, the rest of the orography is flat, alternating gravel terrain with forest tracks. This part of the route runs through magical Galician forests. Being the easiest Camino, together with the fact that you can reach Santiago de Compostela in a week, and obtain the famous Compostela, make this route the most traveled by pilgrims of different nationalities.


Tips for doing the Camino de Santiago on foot

Make the Camino de Santiago on foot It is an excellent decision if you want to enjoy more of any of the routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela. Yes, this is the best way to get to know everything that the pilgrimage represents. You will have more time to enjoy incredible landscapes and enjoy people who, like you, have come to enjoy a unique experience.

In the following lines we are going to give you some tips for walking the Camino de Santiago.

How should you prepare to do the Camino de Santiago on foot?

It is important that you consider some recommendations to do the Camino de Santiago on foot. In this way, your experience will be successful and you will be able to achieve the desired Compostelana. Pay attention to the following tips:

prepare yourself physically

Many people decide to do the Camino de Santiago, regardless of age. However, this journey requires a minimum of physical preparation. And it is that going from a sedentary lifestyle to doing some long routes can lead to a little more fatigue than usual and unnecessary injuries. However, if you hire our services we will advise you based on your physical possibilities and the kilometers you want to walk per day.

Therefore, we recommend that you train during the weeks leading up to the adventure. It is not necessary to do marathons, but you can choose to take walks around your house.

Also, you can increase the time each day until you add at least one medium stage that you will do on the pilgrimage. This will allow you to gradually adapt your body to traverse the trail more easily.

Remember that the mean of each stage is around 22 kilometers. Also, unless you have an agency like Mundiplus to carry your luggage, you must carry the backpack on your back.

It is best to go light

Speaking of the backpack, this is one of the great concerns of pilgrims who decide to do the Camino de Santiago on foot. However, it is best to go as light as possible. Keep in mind that on the way you can wash clothes in the different accommodations. Also, you can buy some things you need.

The ideal weight of the backpack is about 5-6 kg. If you try to carry more than this weight, you will notice back discomfort a few kilometers after each stage. As for food, you can choose bring some energy bars or sweets to recover sugar.

You can also take a small medical kit, sun and rain protection, walking poles, some money, and an external battery for your mobile. Of course, don't forget the water, about 3 changes of underwear, 3 shirts and spare pants.

You can also incorporate some basic toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, laundry soap, and a small towel.

Do the Camino de Santiago your way

It is true that many people will tell you where to walk or not to make this historical journey. However, The best thing is that you choose where to make this pilgrimage. And it is that only you know what you want to enjoy on this journey, and what you really want to live in this experience.

So do it at your pace. It is not a competition and you can make the journey with peace of mind. We can assure you that you will enjoy a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Wear the right clothes and shoes

Going on foot along the routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela requires that you even think about the clothes you will wear. Remember that it will take days and a few weeks to complete this journey. You should also consider the time of year you are going to walk. For example, in autumn and winter you cannot miss good warm clothes.

Of course, in spring and summer you can go lighter, but don't forget long-sleeved garments to protect you from the sun and rain. Also, it is necessary to consider the type of footwear. Many pilgrims opted for mountain boots. However, in recent years people have chosen to choose more comfortable and lighter shoes.

Most of the Jacobean routes can be done with waterproof mountain shoes, as long as the weather is not unfavorable. Remember to do it with shoes that you have already used to avoid blisters.

You can do the path in stages

Do not rush to do the Camino de Santiago on foot in a hurry. This is a journey that offers an adventurous pleasure and a spiritual experience that is worth enjoying little by little.

So don't see the routes as a race. It is a walk that is surrounded by beautiful towns with interesting stories, cities, valleys, rivers, mountains, fields and forests that have a lot to teach you.

Thus, You can do the Camino de Santiago in stages if you can't do it in one go. Many pilgrims have obtained the Compostela after doing the routes in stages in different years.

Bring some useful items. especially if you do the Camino on your own and not with a Camino travel agency.

Remember to carry some accessories in your backpack that can be very useful at certain times. For example, some earplugs to insulate you from noise, like snoring in hostels.

Likewise, a small clothesline, a headlamp for walking at dawn and a small first-aid kit can be of great help on this type of trip. Also a knife to prepare sandwiches or peel fruit can get you out of trouble.

Don't forget your passport stamps

The stamps that you accumulate in your pilgrim passport have an emotional and real value. Also, with these you can prove that you have completed the journey so that they grant you the mythical Compostela.

You can associate each stamp with the memories of each stage, the hostels, the hostel, the friends you meet on the route or the adventures you experience along the way.