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Best Routes of the Camino de Santiago

Main stages of the Camino de Santiago in which a minimum of 100 km is made on foot to obtain the Certificate of La Compostela. They are the most popular itineraries among our pilgrims.

Ways on foot

Road from Sarria to Santiago

530 € / person
7 days / 6 nights
Already in the land of Galicia, we begin our march on the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, also known as "The Last 100 Kms of the French Way". This route was a melting pot where all forms of expression of European culture were melted. Beautiful landscapes, endearing people, ancient culture, inner peace, excellent gastronomy, which can help you "find" what each one is looking for in this personal pilgrimage. At Xacobeoo 2021 we will discover the essence of the Camino Frances de Santiago, which seems to have left its mark on Galicia, after the massive passage of pilgrims who have walked it for years. This is the route followed by the majority of pilgrims who go on foot, since it is the minimum number of kilometers required to achieve "La Compostela"
Ways on foot

Road from Tui to Santiago

530 € / person
7 days / 6 nights
The Camino de Santiago from Tui to Santiago has precisely this town as the gateway to Spain from Portugal. In Galicia, this route of the Portuguese Way runs parallel to the Rías Bajas of Vigo and Pontevedra. It is a journey that we will make in seven days through exuberant landscapes, with numerous rivers and wooded areas. Population centers with so much meaning and architectural beauty such as Redondela, Pontesampaio, Pontevedra, Caldas de Rei and Padrón, where according to legend the boat that brought the remains of the Apostle from Palestine landed.
Ways on foot

Road from Ferrol to Santiago

530 € / person
7 days / 6 nights
The Camino de Santiago from Ferrol, as well as from A Coruña, became the two main starting points of the Camino Inglés in the XNUMXth century. Thanks to its strategic location, the Scandinavians, Flemish, English, Scottish and Irish used the sea routes with great intensity to reach Spain and begin the pilgrimage. The Jacobean pilgrimage and its different itineraries began to have great fame throughout medieval Europe.
Ways on foot

Road from Lugo to Santiago

530 € / person
7 days-6 nights
The Camino de Santiago from Lugo (Camino Primitivo), begins at the foot of its fabulous Roman wall. A beautiful thousand-year-old World Heritage city where we will begin this journey through Galician lands, along the most rural Galicia, dotted with small villages. Arriving in Melide, we meet the pilgrims of the French Way to, on a single route, head towards Santiago. From Monte do Gozo, at the gates of Santiago, we will enjoy the exceptional view of the Cathedral and the city of the Apostle.
Ways on foot

Road from Baiona to Santiago

645 € / person
8 days / 7 nights
This Camino de Santiago from Baiona (Portuguese Way along the coast) is the only place where you can appreciate the relationship between the calm beaches and the strong waves of the Atlantic, where the sea breeze will accompany us on our way. It is the ideal trail for those seeking new sensations, near the coast, that test the body and clear the mind through landscapes of breathtaking beauty.
Ways on foot

Road from Ourense to Santiago

545 € / person
7 days / 6 nights
The Camino de Santiago from Ourense (Camino Sanabrés) runs through an eminently rural environment with small towns and villages widely scattered, with the exception of the city of Orense itself. This route is enjoying more and more popularity and good reception among pilgrims of all nationalities. Every year they grow at a good pace … Continued

French Way

The French Way is one of the most popular and traditional Jacobean routes on the Camino de Santiago. It is the route with the largest influx of pilgrims of all nationalities.
French Way

Road from Roncesvalles to Logroño

645 € / person
8 days / 7 nights
The Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles to Logroño represents the beginning of the Camino in French in Spain, at the foot of the Navarrese Pyrenees. Route of extraordinary culture, traditions and monuments that mark it out, many of them intimate witnesses of the Jacobean Route. Route of marked contrasts, from the Pyrenees, with its beautiful forests, to the streets-villages that were built by and for the Way, until reaching the farmlands and vineyards of La Rioja.
French Way

Road from Logroño to Burgos

545 € / person
7 days / 6 nights
The Camino de Santiago from Logroño, through the Rioja region, does not have many kilometers, but the cities through which it runs have a great Jacobean significance on our French Way. Stages through the Riojan plains, dotted with farmland and its famous vineyards, which find a notable orographic change in the Montes de Oca, near Burgos.
French Way

Road from León to O Cebreiro

615 € / person
8 days / 7 nights
The Camino de Santiago from León to O Cebreiro runs through different regions of León until it enters Galicia through the mythical O Cebreiro, with its enormous significance on the Camino de Santiago. We will visit the Maragateria, with the monumental Astorga and Ponferrada, capital of El Bierzo, with its spectacular Castillo de los Templarios. Halfway, we will find the mythical Cruz del Ferro, the highest altitude of the Camino Frances.
French Way

Road from O Cebreiro to Santiago

685 € / person
9 days / 8 nights
The Camino de Santiago from O Cebreiro to Santiago (French Way), is an emblematic place, cradle of legends, mysteries and miracles. It delights us with fairytale landscapes, due to its privileged location between Castilla y León and Galicia, close to the Sierras de Os Ancares and O Courel. We will discover on the route the Monastery of San Xulián de Samos, which traces its origins to the 100th century, of unparalleled beauty and grandeur. Once we have reached Sarria, we will face the last XNUMX km of the French Way, until we reach Santiago de Compostela.

Camino de Santiago reviews

Other pilgrims have already lived the Camino de Santiago experience with our support and planning. What are you waiting for?
Road Surprise

The Primitive Way has surprised me for good, there is not so much talk about this route as about French or Portuguese, and the truth is that the places it passes through are beautiful. It is less traveled and if you are looking to escape as I wanted this part of the Way helps you. Thank you Antonio for guiding me and preparing this route with such care.
Claudia alvarez · Spain · Road from Oviedo to Lugo
San Sebastian the most beautiful city!

It is noted that this route is in the north. What a past of natural places, what panoramic. I had seen photos before arriving, but it is clear that a photo does not cover what the Human eye sees and especially what it feels like. Luxury accommodations, and food as always in the North can not put a BUT. Thanks to the Mundiplus Team for making the walk easier.
Díaz Perez family · Spain · Road from Irun to Bilbao
Travel to the letter and to measure.

They designed my route to suit me, since I had a number of days that did not adapt to any of the established routes and with a special number of mileage. The agency helped me in the design of the stages. The treatment received was fantastic and close. Thanks not only for professionalism and experience, but also for your humane treatment. The accommodations in route of 10, the suitcases always waiting for us in the different places. Thank you!!
Eva and Jose Antonio · Spain · Road from Baiona to Santiago
Good management and coordination

The trip has been beautiful, we have loved the atmosphere with more pilgrims, there is peace and tranquility. We really liked how we have managed the selection of accommodation in both villages and rural accommodation, each had its own particular charm. Rich and varied food. SUPER RECOMMENDED. Next year another routine to clear ourselves.
Begoña, Gemma and Laura · Spain · Road from Tui to Santiago
From São Paulo, obrigado for helping us to perform nosso sonho de fazer or Caminho de Santiago. Sua experiência helped us to enjoy Caminho with tranqüilidade and to worry about anything. Agradáveis ​​places to sleep and amigável treatment. Very obliged and we hope to repeat this incredible pilgrimage for the most part. Bom caminho!
Jose Benedito and Renata · Spain · Road from Porto to Tui

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