El French Camino de Santiago It has a total route of 790 kilometers, and the entry into Spain is through the town of Roncesvalles, ending the route at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

It was considered the "Main Street of Europe" and it is stated that Europe was "forged" along it, motivated by the cultural, social and artistic diversity that pilgrims from all corners of Europe who made pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela contributed.

Since then, thousands of walkers start the Camino de Santiago Frances every year, driven by faith, in some cases, or by culture, gastronomy and sports, among others, with as many reasons to do it as people undertake it.

This Way is undoubtedly the most popular, the one with the greatest Jacobean tradition and the most influx of pilgrims of all nationalities. It is followed in importance and volume of pilgrims by Portuguese Way.

French Way


7 days / 6 nights
395 € / person
Once in Galicia, we started our march on the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, also known as "The Last 100 Kms of the French Way". This route was a melting pot where all forms of expression of European culture merged. Beautiful landscapes, endearing people, millenary culture, inner peace, excellent gastronomy, that can help you "find" what each one of you is looking for in this personal pilgrimage. In Xacobeoo 2021 we will discover the essence of the Camino Frances to Santiago, which seems to have left its mark on Galicia, after the massive passage of pilgrims who have traveled it for years. This is the route that most pilgrims who go on foot travel, since it is the minimum number of kilometers required to get to "La Compostela".
French Way

O Cebreiro - Santiago

9 days / 8 nights
510 € / person
The Camino de Santiago from O Cebreiro to Santiago (French Way), is an emblematic place, cradle of legends, mysteries and miracles. It delights us with fairytale landscapes, due to its privileged location between Castilla y León and Galicia, close to the Sierras de Os Ancares and O Courel. On the route we will discover the Monastery of San Xulián de Samos, which dates back to the 100th century, of unparalleled beauty and grandeur. Once we have reached Sarria, we will face the Last XNUMX Kms of the French Way, until we reach Santiago de Compostela.
French Way

Roncesvalles - Logroño

8 days / 7 nights
580 € / person
The Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles to Logroño represents the Start of the Camino in French in Spain, at the foot of the Navarrese Pyrenees. Route of extraordinary culture, traditions and monuments that mark it, many of them intimate witnesses of the Jacobean Route. Route of marked contrasts, from the Pyrenees, with its beautiful forests, to the streets-villages that were built by and for the Camino, until reaching the farmlands and vineyards of La Rioja.
French Way

Logroño - Burgos

7 days / 6 nights
455 € / person
The Camino de Santiago from Logroño, through the Riojana region, does not present many kilometers, but the cities through which it runs have great Jacobean significance on our French Way. Stages through the plains of La Rioja, dotted with farmland and its famous vineyards, which find a remarkable orographic change in the Montes de Oca, near Burgos.
French Way

Burgos - Leon

11 days / 10 nights
735 € / person
Through the Lands of Castilla y León, this Camino de Santiago passes from Burgos to León (French Way) with enormous Jacobean significance, with its small and austere towns. The vast plains will be our travel companions, as well as millenary bridges, a multitude of beautiful Romanesque churches, among which are some of the most beautiful on the Camino de Santiago. Route that will mark us, because it will help us to reflect, meditate and think about the many moments that it will provide us.
French Way

Leon - O Cebreiro

8 days / 7 nights
525 € / person
The Camino de Santiago from León to O Cebreiro passes through different regions of León until it enters Galicia through the mythical O Cebreiro, with its enormous significance on the Camino de Santiago. We will visit the Maragateria, with the monumental Astorga and Ponferrada, the capital of El Bierzo, with its spectacular Castle of the Templars. Halfway, we will find the mythical Cruz del Ferro, the highest altitude of the French Way.
French Way

Design your French Way

Custom furniture
0 € / person
We design Your Way of Saint James to measure according to the days you have available, and according to the kilometers you would like to walk daily. The only point of the Way is chosen by you.
French Way

Sarria-Santiago (Short Stages)

10 days / 9 nights
595 € / person
This itinerary that we have designed of the last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago from Sarria in stages with fewer kilometers than those established is designed for those who want to do this section of the French Way with even greater relaxation. The breakdown of stages that we have prepared is ideal for families with young children and for elderly people who, due to physical aspects, only can or want to walk fewer kilometers than the general stages than we offer on the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago.