Franciscan Year 2014

The Franciscan Order inaugurated on January 17 the Jubilee Year commemorating the eighth anniversary of the Pilgrimage of Saint Francis of Assisi to Santiago de Compostela.

In honor of this anniversary will be delivered "LA COTOLAYA" which is a Certificate issued in the Church of San Francisco, in Santiago, to all those Pilgrims who will go to the tomb of the Apostle under the protection of Saint Francis of Assisi and visit his Convent.

This kind of Franciscan Compostela is an additional gift to the traditional Compostela that is given in the office of attention to the pilgrim. However, the format of the current Compostela will be modified shortly with a nod to the anniversary of the pilgrimage of San Francisco de Asís.

Also in this year 2014 will be made new credentials of the pilgrim to commemorate the anniversary: San Francisco de Asis and the Apostle Santiago will share the poster throughout the 2014 Way.

According to the tradition it is believed that between November of the year 1213 and the Holy Week of the year 1215, Saint Francis of Assisi had to make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Departing from Italy, he would cross France and finally Spain as the final point of his Camino.

Among the activities planned for this celebration include the three days of open doors that at the end of March will allow the visit of the convent of Santiago and its dependencies in the Galician city, with explanations on the work that the Franciscans are currently developing. The city of Assisi (Italy) will also join the festivities.

The inauguration of a large collective exhibition with works by artists from the category of Tapies, Lamazares or Boltanski, which will be based in the pazo de Xelmírez and the church and cemetery of Bonaval, is planned.

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