Redondela It is an amalgamation of history, culture and nature that captures the essence of this rich Spanish region. 

Nested between green hills and blue waters of the Atlantic, this charming town promises visitors an unforgettable experience. Walking through its cobblestone streets, one can almost hear the echoes of times past, from the ancient Celts to the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago.

But Redondela is more than just history. Its beaches are a paradise for sun and surf lovers. For their part, gastronomy fans will delight in the exquisite empanadas and fresh seafood served in its taverns and restaurants.

In addition, traditional festivities, such as the famous “Bonfire Festival” add a magical touch to the city’s atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a historical adventure or you simply find it while passing through on your route to Santiago de Compostela, it is worth knowing. 

Natural wonders of Redondela

Redondela is a destination that invites you to discover its natural gifts. Beyond its rich history and culture, the city is proud of its rich geography that combines the best of the coasts and the mountainous interior.



The beaches of Redondela are the perfect reflection of the Atlantic and the estuaries: Blue waters that contrast with the fine golden sands, creating landscapes that calm the soul and revive the spirit. Here, locals and visitors alike find their corner of peace, whether under the sun, riding the waves or simply enjoying a quiet stroll at sunset.

Waves, perfect for surfing, attract enthusiasts from all over the world. Of course, there are quieter areas that are ideal for families and those looking for a moment of relaxation.



Hiking trails

But if the coast offers you its liquid charm, the interior of Redondela promises an unparalleled land adventure. The green hills, an essential characteristic of Galicia, offer hiking trails that wind through forests, meadows and viewpoints.

These paths are an invitation to explore, to breathe the fresh air and to immerse yourself in panoramas that, from above, reveal the majesty of the nature that surrounds this Galician jewel.what-to-see-in-redondela

Cultural and historical heritage

This place is a mirror of the past that reflects the rich tapestry of events and legends that have shaped it. Strategically located, it has been for centuries a meeting point for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

Today, thanks to the organizing companies of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the city continues to be an epicenter for those seeking to trace their route through the Portuguese Way.


Metal Bridge

One of the most recognizable emblems of Redondela is the Metal Bridge. This imposing structure, which stands on the Verdugo River, it has been since XIXth Century a silent witness of the passage of pilgrims who travel the Camino de Santiago. Its robust construction and its majestic stone arches at the ends are testament to architectural mastery.

But beyond its historical and architectural value, the bridge offers some incomparable panoramic views. From here, you can see a natural mosaic of rivers, mountains and, on the horizon, the vast Atlantic Ocean. A stop here not only offers a contemplative pause, but also a connection with the thousands of pilgrims who have crossed its stones in search of spirituality.


old town


In the heart of this city you will find the Old Town, a labyrinth of cobbled streets that protect centuries of history. Walking along these streets is like leafing through an old book, where each corner tells a story, each facade reveals a secret and each square invites reflection.

The historical buildings, with their stone facades and ornate balconies, tell stories of times when the town was a thriving commercial and cultural center. The Plaza de la Constitución It is the perfect setting to relax, enjoy a local drink and observe the daily life of the city.


festivities and traditions

The Portuguese Way is an alternative to Camino de Santiago de Compostela from Sarria organizedHowever, here you will find several towns and cities full of festivities and traditions that shine with authenticity and Galician fervor.


bonfire festival

One of the most anticipated festivities in Redondela is the Bonfire Festival. This nighttime celebration is not simply a demonstration of fire and music, but it goes much further, immersing locals and visitors in the tribute to Saint John (June 24th).

The flames illuminate the night, creating a magical and mystical atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on all who participate.


food festivals

Galicia is known for its rich culinary tradition, and Redondela is no exception. Throughout the year, the city celebrates several Food Festivals that highlight the authenticity and flavor of local cuisine. These events offer an excellent opportunity to taste the famous Galician empanadas, filled with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Beyond this iconic dish, the festivals also feature a variety of seafood delicacies, meats and traditional desserts. For those who follow the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, these gastronomic festivals are a mandatory stop to recharge their batteries and immerse themselves in the culinary culture of the region.


Local Gastronomy of Redondela

Redondela is a song to the richness of the Atlantic and the ancestral legacy of its people. Here, where the fertile land meets the generous sea, gastronomy becomes a universal language. A dialogue of flavors, aromas and textures that tells stories of fishermen, farmers and festivities that celebrate the essence of life.



Fresh seafood

Galicia is synonymous with seafood, this statement comes to life with each dish served. From the pulpeiras they prepare the Galician-style octopus with mastery, to the clams marinara that reflect the salty flavor of the ocean, each bite is a sensory journey.

Barnacles, mussels, razor clams and prawns, freshly extracted from the cold Atlantic waters, are the basis of numerous preparations that enhance their freshness and flavor. These seafood, whether simply cooked or incorporated into more elaborate stews, are a testament to Redondela’s intimate relationship with the sea.


Traditional taverns

All the traditional taverns, with their stone walls and wine barrels, are the soul of the community.

It is here where locals gather to share stories, laughter and, of course, food. Whether around a serving of Padrón peppers or in front of a board of Galician cheeses and sausages, these taverns invite visitors to slow down, enjoy every moment and immerse themselves in authentic Galician hospitality.

Each dish, each glass of Albariño wine, becomes a pretext to celebrate the life and culinary wealth of the region. In Redondela, gastronomy is not simply a part of the culture, it is a vibrant reflection of its history, its people and their love for the land and the sea.


Connection with the Camino de Santiago

Redondela has a special connection with the Camino de Santiago, specifically with the Portuguese variant of the path, known as the Portuguese Way. This route is one of the busiest after the French Way and has been used by pilgrims since the Middle Ages.

  • Round it out on the Portuguese Way: The Portuguese Way is one of the routes that pilgrims have traditionally followed from Portugal to Santiago de Compostela. Redondela is a key stage on this route.
  • Meeting of Paths: Redondela is the point where the Portuguese Way along the coast joins the central Portuguese Way. From this place, the pilgrims continue together towards Santiago.
  • Hospitality and Hostels: Thanks to its position on the Portuguese Way, this site has a series of hostels and hostels designed to accommodate pilgrims. These infrastructures have been established to offer rest and respite to walkers, allowing them to recharge their energies for the stages to come.


2 things you should not miss doing in Redondela

With its Galician charm and rich history, it is a destination that offers multiple experiences to its visitors. Beyond the traditional places and the well-known relationship with the Camino de Santiago, here we present three things that you should not miss doing in this city:

  1. Attend a “Chapelañas” Day: It is a unique celebration in which the women of the Chapela parish, belonging to Redondela, wear their traditional costumes and carry out different activities in a festive atmosphere. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in local tradition and appreciate the beauty of Galician costumes in all their splendor.
  2. Enjoy a Sunset at the Punta da Sobreira Viewpoint: This viewpoint offers spectacular views of the Ría de Vigo and the Cíes Islands on the horizon. Bringing a picnic basket, sitting and watching the sun sink into the Atlantic Ocean is an unforgettable experience that will connect you with the natural majesty of Galicia.


Practical tips for your trip to Redondela

Visiting a city like Redondela, with its rich history, culture and natural beauty, is an experience worth living to the fullest. To help you plan your trip, here are some practical tips:

Best time to visit

  • Spring and fall: These stations offer a pleasant climate, with moderate temperatures and fewer tourist crowds. In addition, nature is shown in its maximum splendor, whether with spring blooms or autumn colors.
  • Summer: Although it is the busiest season, especially for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, it is also a time full of local festivities and events. Prepare for higher temperatures and greater influx of visitors.


How to get around the city

  • Walking: Redondela is a pedestrian-friendly city. Many of its historical and cultural attractions are close to each other, allowing you to explore comfortably on foot.
  • Public transportation: The city has bus services that connect different points. It is an economical and efficient option to get around.
  • Bike: Thanks to cycle routes and bicycle rental, this means is an excellent way to enjoy the city and its surroundings in an active and sustainable way.


Accommodation recommendations

  • Cottages: For an authentic experience, consider staying in a rural house. Not only will you enjoy Galician hospitality, you will also immerse yourself in a peaceful and picturesque environment.
  • Hostels and Hostels: Given the proximity to the Camino de Santiago, there are a variety of hostels and hostels available. They are ideal for budget travelers or those looking for a more communal experience.
  • Boutique Hotels: If you are looking for comfort and additional services, Redondela has boutique hotels that offer a mix of tradition and modernity, located in restored historic buildings.

More than a mere passing point on the Camino de Santiago, this city is a treasure that encapsulates the essence of a region rich in tradition, culture and natural beauty. From its imposing bridges and its old town full of stories, to its festivals that vibrate with local fervor and its gastronomy that delights the palates, Redondela invites each visitor to stop and live to the rhythm of Galicia.