So you’ve decided to do the Camino de Santiago organized. Surely you have a sea of questions and doubts that flood your head, but nothing to worry about, little by little they will all have an answer. It is only a matter of going in order regarding priorities and of course the first one should be which route is best for you to make the pilgrimage.

After coordinating the accommodation, it is time to move on to the stage of the luggage for the Camino de Santiago. Depending on the season or the weather that is coming in the next few days, you should plan your backpack so as not to carry more or less.

Yes, the less luggage you carry, the more physically pleasant the trip will be, but you may be too cold or you may not be able to clean your clothes as they deserve. In case of contracting the services with our Travel agency, we include the transfer of your luggage for your greater enjoyment and comfort. When you arrive at each accommodation your suitcase will be waiting for you, you only have to bring a backpack with the essentials.

In this article we are going to talk about the clothes you should wear to do the Camino de Santiago depending on the season in which you undertake this adventure.

Why is it important to keep this point in mind?

Because a bad choice can completely ruin the adventure. Little warm clothing in the colder months or excess luggage in the summer season is in any case counterproductive.

It is not a question of taking a bit of everything from your wardrobe, but on the contrary that you know how to choose very well what type of garments you should include. You must take care that the backpack or luggage does not exceed weight, Well, this will also influence your movement and nobody wants to walk for so many hours with a few extra kilos on their back.

First, take into account if it is in summer or winter

Of course, the time of year is essential. Although there are some months that are more recommended to make the pilgrimage, In the end, you will always have the last word and the availability of time you have.

When preparing your luggage for the Camino de Santiago You must first be clear in what season you are going. It is clear that the clothes you need in summer are not the same as in winter. For example, in the former you need to be cooler and protected from the sun, while in the latter, the temperatures are lower and there is more risk of precipitation.

Now let’s explain a little some essentials What should you keep in mind when packing your suitcase?

Camino de Santiago backpack

What clothes to wear to do the Camino de Santiago in summer

As you can imagine, summer is the season when more pilgrims decide to do the Camino de Santiago. This is so because basically coincides with the vacation days of the majority, therefore, it is time for adventure.

One of the advantages that summer has, regarding luggage, is that preparing the backpack is easier, because the garments are usually much lighter and the extra weight is unnecessary, when compared to coats.

Before continuing you should keep in mind that, even if it is summer, sIf the route you chose crosses mountain passes, you will also have to have one or the other garment to shelter you. Remember that temperatures drop in the sections with higher altitude. if you do the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago, which is the most popular section, you will not have to worry about mountainous areas since we are facing a very flat earthquake.

On the other hand, but not least, As you will cross Galicia, remember that this region is rainier than the rest of Spain, even in summer. In any case, the raincoat should not be missing.

summer clothing list

well distributed, a 20 liter backpack will be more than enough for the journey. Regarding footwear you have two options: sneakers or sandals, as long as they are for trekking, so your feet will be more ventilated.

Now, we are going to leave you some clothing options for the Camino de Santiago

  • Three short-sleeved, breathable t-shirts, preferably technical
  • two shorts
  • light coat, one
  • sleeping shorts
  • A swimsuit, for a dip
  • Flip flops for the shower and so you can rest your feet after each stage.
  • Oilskin
  • three pairs of underwear
  • sun hat

Regarding sunglasses, we leave it to your convenience. Some do not feel so comfortable with them, while for others they cannot be missing.

Of course, another of the essentials to include in the backpack must undoubtedly be the sunscreen. Even if it is summer, spring, autumn and winter, you will be exposed to UV rays for several hours. You must always protect yourself, especially during the summer months, which is when the solar incidence is more evident.

What clothes to wear on the Camino de Santiago

What clothes to wear to do the Camino de Santiago in winter

If, on the contrary, you decide to do the Camino de Santiago during the winter, of course your clothing should be much warmer. To prepare your luggage, you must first check if you are going to cross sections where you will probably find snow. This will immediately influence the clothes you need to withstand minimum temperatures.

For this season the backpack has to be much bigger, about 50 or even 60 liters. Warm clothes, apart from generating more weight, also take up much more space. While for footwear, it is best to wear some Mountain boots. In addition to the fact that they will protect you more, they will be more appropriate for certain trails.

List of clothes for the Camino de Santiago in winter

  • Three technical shirts, will help you maintain body temperature
  • Two cotton t-shirts
  • Thermal leggings to include under pants
  • Two long pants, preferably waterproof
  • A thick fleece coat
  • sleeping pants
  • Windbreaker or warm jacket
  • a raincoat
  • Flip flops for the shower and to rest your feet at the end of the day
  • Three pairs of underwear.
  • Wool cap.
  • Panty to protect the neck.

If the pants you have are not waterproof, a plastic protector can help you greatly.

You may decide to include some extra items. we can assure you that with what we have indicated you will be more than prepared to face the challenge that lies ahead. Remember that, for other accessories, you can always find stores and pharmacies along the way, so try to relieve as much weight as you can when you leave.