Located in the province of La Coruña, O Pedrouzo, with its peaceful atmosphere and just over 500 inhabitants, stands as a small nucleus that has found its identity around the emblematic Camino de Santiago. It belongs to the parish of Arca and has the distinction of being the capital of the municipality of O Pino.

During peak pilgrimage season, you may find a mix of pilgrims and tourists exploring the area.










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Pedrouzo is a stop on the Camino de Santiago and offers places such as the Church of Santa Eulalia and the Pilgrim’s Monument, which are common visits for pilgrims who travel this route.











This charming town is much more than its size suggests. O Pedrouzo and the nearby Monte do Gozo share a special title: they are the last retreats of pilgrims before the long-awaited arrival in Santiago de Compostela. Just 20 kilometers from the cathedral, this corner has become a haven for travelers seeking a well-deserved rest and a final respite on their spiritual journey.

The footprints of the Camino intertwine with every corner of O Pedrouzo, and in response to this constant influx of pilgrims, the town has flourished with a variety of services that embrace the needs of walkers. The offer is diverse and tempting for those looking to recharge their batteries and celebrate your achievement as pilgrims.

The proximity to Santiago and its warm atmosphere make this place a meeting point where travelers can share stories and experiences before face your last stage towards the cathedral.

This small nucleus, whose artisanal history has been mixed with the traces of the Camino, has been transformed into a refuge for those seeking a well-deserved rest and an authentic Galician experience. Although the traces of the artisan past may not be so evident today, its surroundings are home to architectural gems waiting to be discovered.

An interesting historical fact is that the town hall of O Pino, to which O Pedrouzo belongs, holds the title of being the Galician municipality with the most kilometers of the French Way. In addition, it has been the birthplace of notable artistic figures such as the painter and Galician louis seoane, further enriching the cultural and creative legacy of this region.

O Pedrouzo, as the last stop before the pilgrims’ long-awaited destination, invites them to enjoy its charms and immerse themselves in its welcoming atmosphere, where the steps of the past and the present converge in a welcoming embrace.


What to see in O Pedrouzo?

O Pedrouzo, located in the parish of Arca and capital of the municipality of O Pino, is a charming destination for trips on the way to Santiago de Compostela

This picturesque village, one of the last stops before arriving at Monte do Gozo, offers a variety of experiences ranging from magnificent examples of architecture to delicious typical dishes.


Parish Church of Santa Eulalia de Arca

This ornate and elegant neoclassical church is an architectural treasure. 

With its scallop-shaped altar and its history marked by a fire during the XNUMXth century, the church stands out for its charm and cultural relevance.


Church of Santa María de Castrofeito

Neoclassical in style, this XNUMXth century church is surrounded by a cemetery, giving it a particular charm. His concrete construction and Arabic roof, together with an attached sacristy, turn it into an architectural jewel.


Church of Santa María de Gonzar

This baroque church with a latin cross plan It is a significant representation of the style. With its unique stone transept and presbytery, it stands out as a key point in O Pedrouzo.


Roman Castros

History buffs will enjoy exploring the Roman forts in Santiago de Compostela. These vestiges of fortifications from the iron age Even other historical periods offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.


The Church of Lardeiros

Known as “The mountain cathedral“, this baroque church stands out for its beauty and dimensions. With a Latin cross plan and a noble shield, it is a wonderful work of architecture.


Casa do Concello de O Pino

Although located in O Pedrouzo, this place is known as O Pino due to the administrative division in Galicia. Or Pedrouzo is a urban center in the parish of Arca, whose town hall is O Pino.


O Pedrouzo Cruise

The stone cross in the middle of the roundabout is a characteristic image of O Pedrouzo, adding a unique touch to the urban landscape.


Gallo Pineiro

The Gallo Piñeiro festival, known as the Festa do Galo e Mostra Cabalar, offers a unique experience in summer. With local cuisine, musical shows and horse show and Pinheira breed roosters, is an unmissable event.


Where to sleep in O Pedrouzo

In O Pedrouzo, there are multiple accommodation options ranging from hostels to hotels. If you are looking for a complete experience for your French Camino de Santiago trip from Sarria We offer complete packs so that you don’t miss anything.


Where to eat in O Pedrouzo

Gastronomic diversity is a special characteristic of O Pedrouzo. 

From restaurants to bars and terraces, you will find options for all tastes and budgets. Menus of the day for 12 euros They will allow you to try typical Galician dishes.


The Switzerland restaurant is a popular place in O Pedrouzo that offers a variety of Galician and Spanish dishes. With a mix of tradition and modernity, you can enjoy authentic flavors in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.



Ultreia is a restaurant known for its quality cuisine and cozy atmosphere. 

It offers a wide range of Galician dishes and vegetarian options, providing options for all tastes. His attention to detail and commitment to fresh ingredients make Ultreia an outstanding gastronomic experience.


Or Splice

O Empalme is a place appreciated for its authentic local cuisine

Its traditional Galician dishes will allow you to immerse yourself in the flavors of the region. 

The rustic and cozy atmosphere adds a special touch to your dining experience.


Open to

If you are looking for a refined dining experience, A Brea is an excellent option. 

This restaurant offers dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. 

Their menu changes according to the season, which guarantees a unique gastronomic experience on each visit.



Regueiro is a restaurant that stands out for its cozy atmosphere and its focus on Galician gastronomy. With traditional dishes and a wide selection of local wines, this is an ideal place to try the authentic cuisine of the region.


Which Camino de Santiago passes through O Pedrouzo?

To get to O Pedrouzo, you must follow the French Way from Sarria, a section known for its architectural beauty and landscapes. 

Our French Way package from Sarria is prepared to achieve a complete experience full of adventure.



What gastronomic options does Pedrouzo offer?

In Pedrouzo, you can taste traditional Galician dishes in local restaurants. Try Galician-style octopus, empanadas and other typical dishes that reflect the rich gastronomy of the region.

What else can you explore near Pedrouzo apart from the Camino de Santiago?

If you have extra time, you can explore the surroundings of Pedrouzo through local hiking trails. In addition, you can visit other nearby towns and discover their cultural heritage.

What can I expect from the surroundings and atmosphere of Pedrouzo?

Pedrouzo is a quiet town with a relaxed atmosphere. During peak pilgrimage season, you may find a mix of pilgrims and tourists exploring the area.

What are the top attractions in Pedrouzo?

Pedrouzo is a stop on the Camino de Santiago and offers places such as the Church of Santa Eulalia and the Pilgrim’s Monument, which are common visits for pilgrims who travel this route.

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