The Portuguese Way by the Coast, also known as Camino Monacal, in its Galician section.

Path that begins its journey in Oporto, to a large extent, having Atlantic Ocean as inseparable travel companion, giving us breathtaking views, fabulous sunsets and unforgettable sunsets.

In addition to the spectacular Oporto, it runs through important coastal cities full of history such as Viana do Conde, Viana do Castelo, A Guarda, Baiona and Vigo, until they meet the Portuguese Central Way, in Redondela, and finish in Santiago de Compostela.

Portuguese coastal way

Baiona - Santiago

8 days / 7 nights
This Camino is the only place where you can appreciate the relationship between the traquilas beaches and the strong waves of the Atlantic. The sea breeze will accompany us on our way. It is the ideal path for those looking for new sensations, near the coast, that test the body and clear the mind through landscapes of breathtaking beauty.
Portuguese coastal way

A Guarda - Santiago

9 days-8 nights
On the Camino de Santiago from A Guarda, each step is accompanied by a gentle aroma of the sea that strengthens the mind and tests the body, heading to Santiago de Compostela. Mountains, valleys, streams and the Atlantic Ocean dot the route. Each curve of the Camino leads us to an even more idyllic landscape than the previous one.