El Primitive Way It is the oldest pilgrimage route that goes to Santiago de Compostela.

Millennial route traveled by Alfonso II El Casto, when he was warned by the Bishop of Iria Flavia, Teodomiro, that a pilgrim from the area, called Paio, had found the ruins of a primitive burial, where the remains of the Apostle Santiago were found. fact that occurred in the 820th century (about the year 830-XNUMX)

This first Royal visit, constituted the pillars of creation of this route, consolidating an entire infrastructure, along it, to attend to the pilgrims who traveled it, among them, San Francisco de Asís, in the year 1214.

Starting in Oviedo, the city where the Capital of the Kingdom of León was located, and passing through the walled city of Lugo, in the town of Melide it finally joins the French Way, from where they converge in a single Way to Santiago de Compostela.

Primitive Way

Lugo - Santiago

7 days-6 nights
450 € / person
The Camino de Santiago from Lugo (Primitive Way) begins at the foot of its fabulous Roman wall. A beautiful ancient city, a World Heritage Site, where we will start this path through Galician lands, along the most rural Galicia, dotted with small villages. Upon arriving at Melide, we meet the pilgrims of the French Way to, in a single route, head towards Santiago. From Monte do Gozo, at the gates of Santiago we will enjoy the exceptional view of the Cathedral and the city of the Apostle.
Primitive Way

Oviedo - Lugo

11 days- 10 nights
785 € / person
The Camino de Santiago from Oviedo to Lugo (Camino Primitivo) is the oldest and most ancient pilgrim route. It was the route traveled by Alfonso II El Casto when he walked to Santiago de Compostela to recognize the remains of the Apostle Santiago. The entire journey connects Oviedo with the walled city of Lugo and finally ends at the Cathedral of Santiago.