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En route Advices

En route Advices

These advices ar the result of many years of our own experience and the experiences of lots of pilgrims, and will allow you to enjoy the route.

  • Have a good breakfast. The breakfasts offered by our collaborating accommodations are generous and healthy, so the forces will not be lacking.
  • Take a bottle with water. Drink water even if you are not thirsty.
  • Don´t make big stops, 10 or 15 minutes will be ok.
  • Don´t eat too much until you finish the stage. We recommend nuts, dried fruits or energy bars.
  • Start the stage as son as possible in order to finish before the hottest hours.
  • Use a stick.
  • You should wear shoes that you have already used. Do not take shoes you haven´t tried yet.
  • We must maintain a proper posture, looking straight ahead in the Camino.
  • Enjoy your trip, don´t hurry too much, you will realize that the least important things are the kilometres and the distances. Stop in the villages, look around, talk to the people and enjoy the views. You will have time for everything, to think, to see and to talk.
  • As a guide the average speed should be 4 kilometres per hour.


- Signs in the Camino de Santiago -

The route is perfectly marked by yellow arrows, kilometre posts  at road junctions and Scallop Shell showing you the way.You will pass through tiny villages where you will be able to find different services in case you need them (Banks, health centers, restaurants, pharmacy). Thank you to this signs and the number of pilgrims who walk the Camino every year is very complicated to get out of the marked trails. Our pilgrims are never lose.