A charming Spanish village situated in the province of Palencia is Carrión de los Condes. It is a destination rich in history and culture that attracts visitors from all over the world.

It is connected to the Camino de Santiago, specifically the French Way, an ancient route that has profoundly marked the journey of pilgrims throughout history. Visiting Carrión de los Condes means immersing yourself in the richness of its heritage and discovering a truly special community.


Connection to the Camino de Santiago

Carrión de los Condes has cobblestone streets and traditional architecture buildings. It offers an authentic and welcoming atmosphere. Strategically located on the Jacobean Route, this village has witnessed the passage of pilgrims since the Middle Ages.

It serves as a meeting point for visitors traveling the French Route. Its origin dates back to the 11th century when it was founded as a monastery to welcome and assist travelers. Today, the village continues to be a great resting place for pilgrims seeking an organized Camino de Santiago trip.


The Best of Carrión de los Condes

This Palencia town is imbued with the essence of the Camino de Santiago. It offers a series of attractions that capture the attention of travelers and pilgrims alike. Clearly, a fascinating journey through time and medieval culture. Every corner of this charming village tells a story worth discovering.

  • Royal Monastery of Santa Clara: This temple, built in the 13th century, is a testament to the spiritual and historical importance of Carrión de los Condes. Visitors can admire the Gothic architecture and explore its cloisters, chapels, and gardens.
  • Church of Santiago: This church, declared a National Monument, is a landmark on the Camino de Santiago. Its Romanesque facade and interior house valuable works of art to be admired.
  • Main Square: The heart of the town, the Main Square, is a perfect place to enjoy the local atmosphere. Surrounded by charming buildings, cafes, and shops, it is the ideal meeting point for residents and visitors.
  • Monastery of San Zoilo: This ancient convent, now a charming hotel, features an impressive Romanesque cloister and a rich history dating back to the 10th century.
  • Sacred Art Museum of the Parish of Santa María: Located in the Church of Santa María del Camino, this museum houses an impressive collection of religious art. Visitors can explore a variety of works dating from the 14th to the 18th century, including sculptures, paintings, and goldsmith pieces.
  • Roman Bridge: This ancient bridge, which has witnessed the passage of thousands of pilgrims over the centuries, represents a historical and architectural landmark. Although it has been reconstructed and restored over the years, it still retains its medieval essence and charm.

Before you continue, we will tell you that if you intend to do the French Camino de Santiago from Sarria, you will not find it on your way. Remember, it is several stages before reaching this minimum starting point.


A Perfect Itinerary to Discover the History and Natural Beauty of Carrión de los Condes

Just like doing the Northern Camino de Santiago, having a structured plan favors efficient exploration of emblematic places like this. It also reduces logistical stress, offers flexibility, and ensures that every moment is invested in extraordinary discoveries.

Carrión de los Condes intertwines history and natural beauty with modernity. Start by visiting the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara, with its cloisters and gardens. Next, enter the Church of Santiago to marvel at its monumental architecture and immerse yourself in the essence of the Camino de Santiago.

Then, start a tour along Main Street. Look at its quaint shops and enjoy the town’s architectural evolution. Make a stop at the Main Square to absorb local life in its lively cafes and shops.

In the afternoon, delve into the Convent of San Zoilo, a charming hotel that holds history in every corner. Continue your itinerary and taste the delicious local cuisine in traditional restaurants.

End your day making the most of the natural surroundings that envelop Carrión de los Condes.


Recommendations for Walkers

On the journey along the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrim’s experience is enriched with every step. Follow these valuable recommendations for walkers to have a completely pleasant and hassle-free trip.

  • Necessary rest: take advantage of the hospitality of Carrión de los Condes to rest and recharge. Hostels and inns offer excellent amenities for pilgrims.
  • Leisurely exploration: take your time to get to know every corner of the village. Don’t rush; Carrión de los Condes has historical treasures that you will love.
  • Connect with the community: just as if you were doing the Portuguese Camino to Santiago, interact with locals to get authentic perspectives on life in this place. The community is warm and welcoming.
  • Try the local cuisine: savor typical dishes like morcilla de Burgos or roast lamb. The local cuisine is an experience in itself. Very different dishes from those you will find on your pilgrimage from Tui to Santiago de Compostela.

Record your journey: make sure to obtain the pilgrim’s credential and stamp it at the emblematic places in Carrión de los Condes. It will be an unforgettable souvenir of your trip.