If you are thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago, there is a treasure you cannot miss: Castrojeriz. This corner of Burgos is much more than a stop on your journey; it is an experience that will add magic to your pilgrimage. Ready to discover its charms?

In the midst of your journey, Castrojeriz presents itself as a special chapter, a palette of history and landscapes that will take your breath away. From its centuries-old walls to the mysterious Castle that crowns the town, every corner tells a story that blends with yours.

As one of the organizing agencies of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela we will tell you why this is a mandatory stop on your pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago.


The splendor of its history

Did you know that Castrojeriz has roots that sink into the Middle Ages? Walking its streets is treading on centuries of history that whisper with every step. The walls that surround the town are like silent guardians of a time when every stone told a tale. They invite you to lose yourself in their nooks and crannies, discovering secrets that only the wind seems to know.

In the heart of Castrojeriz, right on the French Camino to Santiago history unfolds like an ancient scroll. The layout of its cobblestone streets is a canvas that tells the deep connection of this town with the Camino de Santiago. Since the 11th century, it has been a meeting point for pilgrims who, like you, seek something more than just a destination.

The imposing walls, erected in medieval times, not only protected the town but also embraced travelers who ventured within. Each stone of its ancient structures bears the mark of thousands of pilgrims who have left their imprint over the centuries.

Although it is an essential point on the French Camino, many pilgrims also consider taking the journey from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. If you start from this point, you will not know the wonders that Castrojeriz has for you.

For those seeking a route less traveled than the French Camino, the stages of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago offer a rich experience in culture and maritime landscapes. You can walk the Camino de Santiago from Tui or even from Lisbon or Porto.


Discover the hidden treasures of Castrojeriz

Exploring Castrojeriz is like opening a treasure chest waiting to be discovered at every corner. Among the most notable are:

  • The Star Observatory: Imagine walking a path that leads you to one of the most impressive viewpoints on the Camino. The Castle of Castrojeriz offers you a breathtaking panoramic view. Watch the vast horizon as the sun sets and the stars take their turn to light your way.
  • The Pilgrims’ Hospital: Castrojeriz has witnessed the hardships and triumphs of countless pilgrims over the centuries. The Pilgrims’ Hospital, in operation since 2002 with its sober yet welcoming architecture, is a reminder of the solidarity that flows along the Camino. Stop, breathe, and soak up the energy this place has to offer.
  • Fitero Bridge: Actually located 8 kilometers from the town. Crossing the Pisuerga River has never been so picturesque. The Fitero Bridge, a masterpiece of medieval engineering, is a perfect place to reflect on your journey. Feel the breeze, listen to the murmur of the water, and let yourself be carried away by the serenity that only the Camino can give you.
  • San Juan Church: Its Gothic arches and serene interior invite you to a contemplative pause. Breathe deeply and absorb the serenity that emanates from this place, where faith and history intertwine in every architectural detail.
  • San Antón Monastery: An ancient architectural jewel, it is an emblem of serenity on the Camino. Its ruins, embraced by nature, tell stories of a vibrant spiritual past. A place where silence speaks, and Gothic arches rise majestically, inviting you to a moment of inner peace.
  • Iacobeus: The heart of the Camino de Santiago, it is a lively meeting point filled with life and tradition. Here, pilgrims share experiences and hopes, weaving a network of stories and dreams. Its welcoming and energetic atmosphere is a refuge for the traveler’s soul.
  • Santa María del Manzano Church: In the Santa María del Manzano Church, art and devotion intertwine to create a space of unparalleled beauty. Its walls treasure centuries of faith, with an impressive altarpiece that captures the eye and the heart. A haven of peace that invites reflection and contemplation.
  • Santo Domingo Church: The Santo Domingo Church is a spiritual oasis on the Camino. Its open doors welcome pilgrims and visitors, offering a respite on the journey. Its interior, full of art and history, is a living testimony of the tradition and culture that enrich the Camino de Santiago.

While Castrojeriz shines on the French Camino, the Northern Camino is another fascinating option for pilgrims who prefer the northern coast of Spain. The stages of the Northern Camino cross mountainous landscapes and coastal villages, offering spectacular views and a different experience from the inland route.


What every pilgrim should know

Before embarking on your pilgrimage to the majesty of Castrojeriz and beyond, there are some considerations to keep in mind to make your journey as rewarding as it is enriching.

  • Before packing your backpack, remember that every gram counts. Opt for the essentials: comfortable clothing, sturdy footwear, and a good hat to protect you from the sun. The Camino will teach you to value simplicity.
  • Although spontaneity has its charm, planning the stages of your Camino will allow you to enjoy every step without worries. Know the distances between hostels, the points of interest, and make sure to have time for contemplation.
  • The sun and walking can be demanding, so carry a water bottle with you. Stay hydrated, as water not only nourishes your body but also refreshes your spirit on the journey.
  • Every pilgrim has their own pace. Do not rush, allow each journey to flow naturally. Listen to your body and take breaks when needed.
  • Embrace the opportunities to share experiences with other pilgrims. Every encounter is a lesson; every shared story will enrich you.
  • Prepare to discover more about yourself as you progress. Introspection and reflection are inseparable companions on this journey.