San Sebastian is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Here you can marvel at its beaches and the delicious Basque gastronomy that is offered in the place. If you are going to do the Northern WayIt is definitely a mandatory stop.

The landscape is dominated by the Concha Bay and it has a great diversity of monuments that are worth visiting. The set of all these show the modern architectural development that began in the second half of the XNUMXth century.

It is the perfect city to enjoy walks and choose walking routes to discover its incredible monuments. Also, it has a adorable urban framework overlooking the sea. It is an innovative and avant-garde city that offers many benefits to tourists. It is always an excellent decision to go sightseeing in this Spanish coastal area.

Enjoy the sea, the mountains and the best gastronomy in San Sebastián

San Sebastián is one of those places that should be on your travel itineraries, since it is a very complete city in terms of tourism.

For pilgrims, there are many more options than starting the Way to Santiago from Sarria.

you can take the Northern Way and get to know the Paseo de la Concha and the Ondarreta gardens, popular places in this Spanish municipality. Afterwards, the pilgrim goes to the Mount Igueldo, one of the three peaks visible from the bay of La Concha. Here you will see the hermitage of San Martín until you descend to the old town of Orio.

What to see and do in San Sebastian

If you want to know the most popular places in San Sebastián, we describe 10 places that you must visit in the capital of the province of Guipúzcoa:

La Concha Walk

This is a Obligatory promenade in San Sebastián. In fact, it is one of the best things you can do in this place. It is the most beautiful urban beach in Europe.

This route is more than a kilometer long and ends at the Miramar Palace. In this place you will be able to see a white railing dotted with huge lampposts that give it a particular attraction.

It also shows various Belle Époque buildings, when the Spanish royal family and the high European aristocracy visited Donosti. They enjoyed places like the La Perla Spa and the Town Hall.

During this tour you will see the small Santa Clara Island, located in the middle of the bay of La Concha and has a small beach and a lighthouse.

Mount Igueldo

Mount Igueldo

If you want to make the trip with our organizing agency of the Camino de Santiago We will indicate the best places to see and do in San Sebastian, the first place on our list being the famous and photographed Monte Igueldo. As we have told you, San Sebastián has many viewpoints and observatories, but none like this one.

Monte Igueldo is located in the western zone about 190 meters high. To get to this place, you must take the iconic homonymous funicular, inaugurated in 1912 by María Cristina de Habsburgo.

Once you climb to the top, you will be able to enjoy fascinating views. You will have a panoramic view of La Concha Bay and you will be able to see the Bay of Biscay on the right. On the left you can see the “Getaria Mouse” and the Machichaco cape.

the comb of the wind

This work of art is located at the end of Ondarreta Beach and was installed in 1977. This is one of the indisputable symbols that you have to see in San Sebastián. It is a work of the famous sculptor edward chinchilla and it’s about three large sculptures made of solid iron embedded in rocks.

It is fascinating to see the waters of the Cantabrian Sea when they collide with the sculptures. In addition, you will be able to see the panoramic views of La Concha Bay.

Miramar Palace

The Miramar Palace

Maria Cristina de Habsburgo ordered the construction of this palace at the end of the XNUMXth century. It is an English-style complex that was used to spend long stays in San Sebastián. Inside there are no great attractions, but its exterior is worth visiting. It’s fantastic and offers a different perspective of the city.

Another of the architectural attractions related to this historical character are:

  • The luxurious Hotel Maria Cristina, where Hollywood stars stay when they attend the San Sebastian Film Festival.
  • El Maria Cristina Bridge, which has four monumental obelisks that are located at its ends.

Cervantes walk

the walk of cervantes

La Cervantes Square It is a space that you will love. This promenade was inaugurated in honor of the 300 years of the publication of Don Quixote. In the 70s this monument was created in which the allegorical figures of Sancho Panza and Don Quixote are represented.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Choir

It is considered one of the most important religious temples of the Basque city. On Baroque leaves an incomparable attraction in sight of the visitors. This construction is located in the Old City of San Sebastián and its construction was completed in 1773.

It is worth stopping and admiring its beauty, despite the difficult angle and perspective it offers.

The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

This is an architectural and monumental jewel, it is a religious temple that has a beautiful exterior and It stands out for its 75-meter-high tower. The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is one of the tallest buildings in Guipúzcoa.

You can also visit the Eixample of San Sebastián, which houses some interesting places such as the Palace of Justice, the Foral Library and the Plaza de Gipuzkoa.

Mount Urgull

Mount Urgull and the Castle of La Mota

El La Mota Castle It is located on the northern peak of the city, about 125 meters high. Monte Urgull has served as an authentic fort to protect the city.

It is a rocky path, but easy to climb and offers fantastic views of the bay and the island of Santa Clara. In addition, you will be able to see the English cemetery, the Battery of Santiago, the convent of Santa Teresa and the Wall of the Sea.

The San Telmo Museum

Next to Monte Urgull and the church of San Vicente, is located the San Telmo Museum. It houses the most important art collection in San Sebastián. It was built in the first half of the XNUMXth century and surprises the eye with its Renaissance style.

The exterior is spectacular, while the interior does not disappoint either. you will find a sword attributed to Boadvil, the last sultan of the Nasrid dynasty of Granada. Likewise, it has a collection divided into five blocks: archaeology, ethnography, fine arts, photography and history.

The Bretxa market

Here you see the Basque orchards and the Cantabrian Sea. This is a neoclassical market, built in 1870. Inside you will find more than 40 stalls selling fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, and preserves.