Distance certificate

February 2, 2017

Since 2017, in addition to the famous and well-known COMPOSTELA, you can now obtain the DISTANCE CERTIFICATE, which is the document that certifies the exact place from where the pilgrim has started his Camino de Santiago.

The distance certificate can be requested by any pilgrim who has made the Camino on any date.

All the data related to the person who has made the walk are taken into account (Dates, Start place, Kilometers traveled)

This certificate indicates the specific day and the starting point of the pilgrimage, the kilometers traveled, in addition to the day of arrival and the route through which pilgrims have traveled to Santiago. It is a document that complements the traditional Compostela, providing more information about our pilgrimage. Nice memory after the end of our trip!

It can be requested, just like THE COMPOSTELA, in the Pilgrim Services Office, located at Rua das Carretas, 33.

With this Certificate the Pilgrim Office of Santiago responds to the requests of many pilgrims who wanted to be reflected more information of their Camino.

We are waiting for you, pilgrim. Good way!

* Note: Image of the Distance Certificate from the Pilgrim Office of Santiago de Compostela.