Before planning a new adventure with any of the organizing companies of the Camino de Santiago, we all seek to soak up a bit of the local culture before starting the trip. The purpose is to fully enjoy, just as a local would.

Just as we investigate places to eat, perhaps little-known destinations to discover, it is also important to manage a bit of terminology. In this way, we are more in context in whatever situation arises.

If you have made the decision to be one more pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago, you should know that, regardless of the route, there is also a kind of native language. Phrases, proverbs and words that serve to unite all those who walk the path. Therefore, knowing it can help you enjoy this wonderful experience even more.

The Camino de Santiago from the popular proverb

When talking about proverbs, we all immediately remember grandparents or older neighbors, since they are the ones who are full of these particular verses. Of course, the Camino de Santiago does not escape them.

Here, not only the elderly are the ones who pronounce and spread them. These are sayings that have been passed down from generation to generation. It is a popular culture of the domain of all those who make life around this route.

Today we are going to soak up a bit of both the expressions and the sayings of the Camino de Santiago.

Expressions of the Camino de Santiago

Being such a famous path and with so much history, it would be really difficult if not impossible to determine how many people have crossed it. What we can determine is that its cultural richness is infinite and we can see that in the expressions that can be heard throughout it.

Among them we will highlight a few:

“The Camino begins at the door of your house”

Many decide to do this route for sports and personal improvement. The truth is that most relate it to a spiritual or even religious issue or with some promise

Crossing it allows you to meditate, get to know yourself and for some even, a purification. this expression deal directly with that personal change, which should start from the moment you set foot outside the home.

“The Camino gives more than it receives”

Quite related to the previous one, there is no pilgrim who returns from doing the Camino de Santiago and don’t come back with a renewed spirit or at least a better attitude about different facets of life.

That is why apart from taking care of it and trying to keep it in the best possible conditions, the road does not require more. Nevertheless, you will come back from it completely refreshed.

Physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago

“Camino de Santiago: both the lame and the healthy walk”

Just as you have different routes that you can choose, between the sea and the mountains to get to Santiago de Compostela, The Camino de Santiago is ideal for everyone. Although you have to be in a certain physical condition to be able to face this long course, everyone can do it. Well it’s true that the Camino de Santiago from Sarria It is the most popular and physically feasible because it has a more linear layout and less unevenness than other Jacobean sections.

In fact, it is common to see some pilgrims with certain limitations who are still encouraged to complete it. It comes to be something like “Who wants to do more than who can.”

“Each Pilgrim finds his own miracle on the Camino”

Every experience is different. Many agree that the landscape is wonderful and restful on a spiritual level or that it has even allowed them to create new friendships along this journey. But the reality is that each pilgrim lives a different experience, regardless of whether he is a believer or does it as a simple sporting activity.

“Jails and roads, make friends”

A rather particular expression is that, throughout the different stages, the pilgrims coincide. In addition, in the shelters arranged there is the possibility of know more deeply the walkers who come from all over the world. You will know about their stories and particular reasons that led them there.

Many of these acquaintances in the future could become great friends, no matter where they are.

“Old path is better than new path”

Directly related to the route itself. And it is that the Camino de Santiago has too many years of history, so it is not surprising that new trails that try to shorten these long journeys.

Given how attractive it may be to save a few kilometres, we must always keep in mind that the official routes have signs. They also offer more hostels or places to eat that can even help pilgrims. In fact, trying a new path can even be counterproductive.

teat cheese

“With wine and bacon there is no cold or bad Camino”

It has a lot to do with the food and drink present in a large part of the route, especially on cold winter nights or days. Wine, as well as bacon, are protagonists on pilgrimage days. Besides, They help when low temperatures are present.

“The tourist demands, the Pilgrim thanks”

There are many differences between a common tourist and a pilgrim, since the latter mostly travel with just enough, both in luggage and budget. That’s why, Any help you receive along the way is greatly appreciated. 

In fact, it helps to create that habit of giving with nothing in return and even the pilgrim having a pilgrim be the one to offer help.