The Rooster of Barcelos originates from the Portuguese city of the same name, legend has it that a miracle occurred, related to the Portuguese Camino de Santiago from Porto to Tui, very similar to the one that occurred, in Santo Domingo de la Calzada on the itinerary of the French Way, in Spain, known as the “Miracle of the Rooster of Barcelos”.


It turns out that there had been a theft of money from a landowner in the area, but whose perpetrator had not been found.

After time, a Galician pilgrim appeared who was doing the Portuguese Way and as he passed through the city of Barcelos and, without any reason or evidence, he was arrested and charged with such theft, despite denying it. He was brought before the judge and sentenced to death, by hanging.

The next morning, when the execution was about to take place, he asked, as a last wish, to be taken to the presence of the judge, who he found was going to start eating a “rooster.” He again affirmed his innocence and said that to prove his innocence, the “rooster would revive and sing”, which produced the laugh of the aforementioned judge.

Just as the rooster was being executed, the crowing crowed, and when the judge observed this, he ran to the gallows and “miraculously” a bad knot was made that prevented the pilgrim’s death.


Apparently, after completing his Camino de Santiago, the pilgrim returned to Barcelos to make a beautiful cruise, as thanks to the Saint for his miracle. This cruzeiro (XIV century), represents in its upper part, a crucified Christ, a gallows with a hanging man and in its lower part, a representation of the Apostle Santiago as a pilgrim, holding the hanged man to avoid his death. We can see this fabulous cruzeiro on the outskirts of the Palacio de los Condes de Barcelos.

As a result of this legend, this “Miracle of the Rooster of Barcelos” has reached our times.

Such was the popularity that this legend of the Rooster of Barcelos reached, today, it is one of the main symbols of Portugal and emblem of the city of Barcelos, and we can find it represented in numerous locations in all possible ways. If you want to see the cruise ship in person we can help you hire a Camino de Santiago organized and cheap in Portugal with all the necessary services for your comfort and enjoyment. If, on the other hand, you prefer to make the trip from Spain, the most feasible and economical route for beginners is to do the Camino de Santiago from Sarria organized, you can do it in 7 days and 6 nights is suitable for people of any age, a path also full of stories, myths and legends just like in Barcelos.


Taking advantage of our time in Barcelos, we cannot fail to visit the places of greatest cultural, social or monumental interest.

– Mercadinho de Barcelos, located in Campo da República or Campo da Feira, is the largest market in Portugal and we can enjoy it every Thursday of the year.

– Church of the Good Jesus of the Cross (early XNUMXth century), located in the Largo da Porta Nova square.

– House of the Beça Meneses (XNUMXth century)

– Palacio Solar dos Pinheiros (XV century), is listed as a National Monument of Portugal.