Do the Camino de Santiago alone

July 31th, 2012
Camino de Santiago from Burgos
Do the Camino de Santiago alone initially it does not suppose any problem to have an enriching personal experience in any of the organized trips to the Camino de Santiago
How many times have you asked yourself this question that causes so much uncertainty and which determines whether or not to do the Camino de Santiago alone since neither family nor friends can accompany me on this thousand-year-old pilgrimage route. If they do not accompany me, I will not go and leave it for another time! Besides, with the difficulty that always involves agreeing on dates to go on a trip. We are going to try to help you with this important decision.

In the first place, we must start from the base that to do the Camino de Santiago only in Spring-Summer and especially the itinerary of the French Way It is a very safe route and traveled by pilgrims from all over the world, so we will never be alone, and we will not feel unprotected.

On the other hand, we also have doubts as to whether or not we will get lost, since the fact of going with others gives us some peace of mind. Well, the sections with the highest influx of pilgrims are very well signposted. The signposting of the Camino de Santiago It is varied and abundant: there are yellow arrows everywhere, on lampposts, posts, stones, etc. especially in the section of the Camino de Santiago from Sarria organized also known as "The Last 100 Kms of the French Way" which is one of the most popular and busy routes of the entire Camino de Santiago. We do not need a map to get to the destination, the signs, the locals and other pilgrims will be happy to help us and indicate, if necessary, whether you do the Camino de Santiago on foot or the Camino de Santiago by bicycle. Even on certain dates, it simply follows other pilgrims on the same path.

Knowing this, what is certain is that the person who walks alone is by personal decision, since many seek a spiritual retreat, meditation, relaxation ... As we have commented en route we will meet other pilgrims who also do the Camino from Santiago alone or in “mini groups” of friends or families, who will always be willing to walk for miles in good company and tell stories. This is precisely one of the attractions of the Camino and it will certainly mark a before and after the true meaning of the route and personal enrichment.

Doing the Camino de Santiago alone, gives us the possibility to meet and walk with those people we meet en route and with whom we want to talk, we can set our own pace and not a group, without schedules, we will meet a little more to ourselves, we will enjoy moments of peace and harmony in harmony with nature ... There is no hurry, pilgrim, let yourself go, this is not a competition, the fundamental thing is to enjoy the Camino.

As for the departure from the accommodation, it is quite likely that you will already start the route accompanied, since you will have previously befriended other pilgrims who stay in the same hotel establishment as you. Sure you are looking forward to sharing the experience!

We are convinced that the Camino will be a unique experience of life, you will enjoy unforgettable moments and it will be an opportunity to learn from those around you and the environment. The important thing is not the destination, but the trip! The Camino a tierra santa has a halo of mysticism that makes it different from other typical hiking routes, and that evokes you to your internal forum.

Camino de Santiago from Burgos

Lose your fear of the unknown and venture without hesitation, since the Mundiplus Travel Team will always be providing you with support and permanent attention in whatever you need.

As you can see, it is not necessary to go out in a group since in the end you will be part of one in which you will decide who your travel companions are, by affinity, age or pace of walking ...

And if what you want is to do the Camino de Santiago in a time of great relevance and with the greatest possible meaning, the Holy Year 2021 is your closest opportunity.


... Because every great march begins with a small step, go ahead and take yours in the "Calle Mayor de Europa"

Good Road and Carpediem!

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