Physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago

1 for October, 2011
  • Get ready physically. Previously perform a physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago, dedicate every day at least an hour or two to walk smoothly, from a month before starting the pilgrimage. We will plan the stages according to your physical possibilities. Do not worry about the weight of the backpack, since we take care of transporting it from stage to stage so that you can fully enjoy the Camino without any concern.
  • Before and after walking you have to do exercises Stretching. Once you start the march, do not walk very fast the first few days and keep up the same pace. Walk your way, do not force the march, but do not stop constantly: continuous stops make the road very tiring.
  • Foot care is essential in order to prevent blisters. boots or slippers before starting the road (never brand new). Choose a hard sole footwear Keep the foot held. After walking, rest your foot keeping it up.
  • Yes, avoid blisters important wear good socks: in specialized stores they sell ones that keep their feet dry and have no seams.
  • Keep the hydrated foot, as well as those parts of the body that are exposed to friction. For this it is good to apply vaseline or any other moisturizer.
  • Do not be afraid. You are capable of much more than you imagine. The road will sometimes put you to the limit. Be patient, obstacles have been made to be skipped.

  • The most common physical problems are: the sores, blisters, contractures and tendonitis. The first two are annoying but they don't paralyze you. However, muscle problems must be taken seriously and not forced.
  • Some people help each other refrain: a cane to lean on the road.
  • Once en route it is time to enjoy and have no worries, get carried away by the landscape and the good company of your companions or other pilgrims. And remember that you will always have a team that will support you when there is a problem.

During our trip a correct physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago is adequate and an ideal one will also be essential choice of footwear and good care of our feet.

As a contact on the Camino de Santiago we recommend doing the Camino de Santiago from Sarria for its special attraction in Galician territory, for its people, landscapes, gastronomy; as well as because it is a quite feasible terrain that does not require excessive physical preparation.

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