Routes Camino de Santiago in Galicia

In this post we bring you the best options to do the Camino de Santiago organized in Galicia, it is not necessary to leave the Community to enjoy at least the last 100 kilometers of different variants of the Camino de...
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Routes Camino de Santiago in Galicia

The health benefits of doing the Camino de Santiago: body and mind

17 for April, 2024
The search for physical and mental well-being has taken on special importance these days. In this sense, traveling ancient spiritual paths, such as the Camino de Santiago, can offer notable health benefits. How is physical health connected to this emblematic route? What effects does the connection with nature have on psychological well-being? …Continued

What to see in Nájera

15 for April, 2024
Nájera, the Rioja town that was a kingdom. This is what you will hear many times when you are planning your trip here. It is a beautiful city that is just 27 kilometers away from Logroño, with an impressive cultural heritage and a long historical past. In fact, as another interesting fact about Nájera, … Continued

What to see in Los Arcos

12 for April, 2024
The historic town of Los Arcos, strategically located between Estella and Viana (Navarra), is an unmissable stop on the famous Camino de Santiago. This charming town, crossed by the Odrón River, perfectly combines history, art, folklore and gastronomy. Los Arcos and the Camino de Santiago Los Arcos, like other towns such as… Continued

What to see in Puente la Reina

8 for April, 2024
In the heart of Navarra is Puente la Reina, a charming town that is emerging as an essential stop on the Camino de Santiago. This town, known for its impressive Romanesque bridge, is a mosaic of history, architecture and traditions that captivate pilgrims and tourists alike. Imagine walking through streets that whisper stories… Continued

What to see in Astorga

1 for April, 2024
If your feet have taken you to Astorga on your magical journey along the Camino de Santiago, you are about to discover a stop that goes beyond being a simple point on the map. This town, with its cobblestone streets and its historical aura, becomes an essential chapter of your journey. …Continued
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