On the Camino de Santiago from A Guarda, located in the Portuguese Coastal WayEach step is accompanied by a soft aroma of the sea that strengthens the mind and puts the body to the test, heading to Santiago de Compostela. Mountains, valleys, streams and the Atlantic ocean punctuate the route. Each curve of the Camino leads us to an even more idyllic landscape than the previous one.

Oia Monastery
Reis coves
Santiago de Compostela
We prepare this route of the Portuguese road along the coast for people who travel alone, such as for groups of friends and / or family.
Special discounts for groups of at least 6 people: €25/person (Not combinable with other discounts)

Portuguese Way Itinerary from A Guarda

Day 1: Arrival To Guarda. Accommodation.

Day 2: Stage from A Guarda to Baiona (30 kms)

Day 3: Stage from Baiona to Vigo (24 Kms)

Day 4: Stage from Vigo to Arcade (23 Kms)

Day 5: Stage from Arcade to Pontevedra (13 Kms)

Day 6: Stage from Pontevedra to Caldas de Rei (21,9 kms)

Day 7: Stage from Caldas de Rei to Padron (18,5 Kms)

Day 8: Stage from Padron to Santiago de Compostela (24,6 kms)

Day 9: Breakfast – End of our services



The accommodations that we offer to our clients are of high quality. The rooms are private and have their own exclusive bathroom, as well as the necessary services for your comfort.

We personally supervise and select the accommodations, based on the satisfaction expressed by our clients over the years. We will never put you in Hostels.

As these are accommodations with limited capacity, the exact name of them will be provided once you have made the final reservation of the trip, and we will verify availability on the dates you have chosen.

What to eat and typical dishes on the Camino de Santiago from A Guarda to Santiago?

Like other routes, if you do the portuguese coastal path, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes typical of this area. Specifically, the section that goes from To Guarda to SantiagoIt also has its own gastronomy. Likewise, its kilometers are full of restaurants whose menus are as tasty as they are nutritious.

In the following lines we are going to talk about several of the typical products that you can eat in this section. We will take advantage of the same text to suggest some alternatives where to eat on the Portuguese coastal path from A Guarda to Santiago.

Typical dishes of this section

The typical dishes of a specific region will always be a fantastic opportunity to learn much more about a culture. They will allow you to enjoy their flavors and will help you on an enriching journey, all around the plate.

Between the typical dishes of the portuguese coastal path, specifically from A guarda to Santiago, which for no reason should you stop trying, are found.

fried fish

Thanks to its proximity to the beautiful Ría de Vigo, this region enjoys a wide variety of fish to delight us. Regardless of size, they can all become a real delicacy.

The fried peixinos They are little fish that are eaten that way, fried. It is an extremely popular species and is used in traditional cooking throughout the year, although especially in the summer. Within these we highlight the jurelitos and the sardines. The traditional way to consume them is accompanied by some good padrón peppers.

Arcade Oysters

It goes without saying that in Spain we are true lovers of oysters. This town in Pontevedra is especially known for the quality of this product, considered very high level.

In fact, the importance of these shellfish is so great that Since 1987, the Festa da Ostra de Arcade has been held every April.

The idea is that you can try them freshly opened and served before your eyes, raw and accompanied by a squeeze of lemon.


Also known as Llanderas de Vigo cake. This is a locally sourced dessert whose creator was a famous pastry chef from the region around the 50s.

Its secret and popularity lies in its delicious interior. It is a hard and extremely crunchy biscuit base made from almonds, egg whites and sugar. On this, a layer of butter cream, biscuit again and then more butter cream to finally decorate with almond slices and chocolate eclairs,

This delicious dessert is served in all the cafeterias and terraces in the area, usually accompanied by a good coffee.


If we had to define the burn in two words, without a doubt it would be mysterious and traditional without neglecting its long history within Galician cuisine.

This preparation is done in a pot or clay container. Brandy or pomace is used, accompanied by coffee beans, sugar and lemon zest, although these can also be replaced by oranges.

Once together, it is set on fire so that the alcohol burns. It is especially in the winter time, although it is usually a tradition during local festivals.

Where to eat from A Guarda to Santiago?

Best places to eat from A Guarda to Santiago

In the final stretch of the Portuguese Way, from A Guarda to Santiago there are some establishments that you should not miss for any reason. Among these, we leave you:

Bitardone (A Guarda)

A restaurant with flavor and family essence wherever you look at it. Bitardona Restaurant is located at number 30 Calle O Porto in A Guarda.

Apart from offering the most representative dishes of the region, where seafood will always be protagonists, They also offer a varied menu. This one adapts to all tastes and demands, including gluten-free options.

The advantage of this wide variety that they offer is that you find a variety of flavors, but, above all, of prices. It includes options of the day, specially designed for pilgrims who are passing through.

La Boqueria (Bayona)

It is located on Rua Ventura Misa 64 street, in the center of the city of Baiona, La Boqueria It is one of those tapas restaurants where you will feel at home from the first moment you arrive.

Its most famous options are undoubtedly the octopus portions and the exquisite prawns, but also the cakes are protagonists of the menu.

Apart from tapas, they also have options for lunch and dinner, with gluten-free proposals and dishes of the day. Here you will surely find something that suits your tastes easily and above all, delicious.

O Xantar of Othello (Roundella)

The specialty of the area is fish and shellfish and in Or Xantar of Othello this is done perfectly. This traditional restaurant It is located on Avenida Estación, 27 in Redondela.

Its menus take an extensive tour of Galician cuisine, including delicious meats, lamb, beef and pork. They enjoy the peculiarity of offer fresh products of the day, so the flavor is simply on another level.

Here you can enjoy elaborate dishes, but without disguising the traditional flavors typical of Galician gastronomy. Regardless of what time you arrive, you will always find something that suits your tastes or cravings at the moment.

Loaira (Pontevedra)

We could describe Loaira as a typical tavern, but with an extra touch of comfort and flavor. Located in the historic center of Pontevedra, specifically in Praza da Leña. This is the perfect place for a good meal and enjoy the magic of its surroundings.

Its tapas options are varied, having as protagonists fish and shellfish. Of course, you can also enjoy a traditional menu where rice dishes set the tone.

Last but not least, In Loaira you will find a delicate and exquisite wine list. Most of them are made up of the area's wineries, perfect for further enhancing this delicious experience.

How to get to Guarda

We indicate the different options of How to get to your trip to the Camino de Santiago organized from A Guarda.

Option 1: Private car and park the vehicle in A Guarda

Option 2: Bus

Santiago> Vigo> A Guarda 

- From Santiago to Vigo with the company monbus.

- From Vigo to A Guarda with the company If he throws.

Madrid> Vigo (There is no direct option)

- From Madrid to Vigo with the company  advance bus

- From Vigo to A Guarda with the company If he throws.

Option 3: Train (Renfe) Vigo Station. From there, by bus to A Guarda, with the company If he throws.

Option 4: Plane

The closest airports to A Guarda are: Vigo and Santiago de Compostela.

From here they exist two possibilities to get to A Guarda:

By bus, option seen above.

Private transfer: Pick up at the Santiago / Vigo airport and direct transfer to the A Guarda hotel. Consult us service fee.

Price and Formalize Reservation
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  • Distance from A Guarda to Santiago: 157,55 kms
  • Dates: Free choice. You choose the day!
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  • Luggage transfer in the stages
    • 1 suitcase per person, maximum 20Kgs
  • Gifts
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    • Galician Typical Product
  • No cancellation fees
    • Up to 15 days before starting the Camino
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Remember that the cost of the optional services you choose will be added to the base price of the route.

  • Single room supplement: Consult
  • Additional luggage
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  • Divide Stage A Guarda-Baiona (2 stages)
    • € 70 / person (double room with breakfast)
  • Replace Caldas Stage of Reis-Padron
    • Make translatio (boat + foot)
  • 1-day excursions (Bus)
    • Finisterre (Costa da morte) and / or Rias Baixas
  • Extra night in Santiago
    • € 80 / person (Double room with Breakfast)
  • Cancellation Insurance (Spanish)
  • Cancellation Insurance (Foreigners)