Camino de Santiago for seniors

8 for April, 2021
Camino de Santiago for the elderly

Many of you ask us if it is possible to do the Camino de Santiago if you have an advanced age (60 years and older); or in case of having a physical handicap that would make it difficult for you to take a normal daily walk.


The Camino de Santiago for seniors IT'S POSSIBLE!! At Viajes Mundiplus we can organize the different itineraries of the Camino without involving excessive effort. The benefits of walking in an environment of pure nature, far exceed the effort required.

The Camino welcomes everyone, from the smallest to the oldest, you can see for yourself, in this Xacobeo 2021 (Holy Year exceptionally extended by the Pope until the end of 2022), which will mean an important “first contact” with the route and an unforgettable experience.

Camino de Santiago for seniors


If it is your first time doing the Camino de Santiago we have adapted the stages of the most popular itinerary and traveled by pilgrims from all over the world, this is the Camino de Santiago from Sarria to Santiago.

You will do an average of Kilometers from 10 to 17 Kilometers depending on the day, thus reducing the kilometers of the traditional stages that have an average of 22 Kilometers. The orographic profile of this route is significantly flat and with a terrain that does not present excessive undulations. The ascents or descents are few and the effort is minimized by reducing the daily kilometers.

If with this proposed itinerary you still do not feel comfortable and physically capable, we can further reduce the kilometers by extending the days of the route.

With this itinerary of French Way custom designed and suitable for all the public, you can get the certificate of "La Compostela" upon your arrival at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.


In all our routes we provide a series of services, which in the case of the older ones are of special relevance, and which will be of great help on a day-to-day basis:

Daily luggage transfer

This means that you will lose weight when walking the different stages. You simply have to carry a small backpack with the basics: some food and water mainly.

Camino de Santiago backpack

Support vehicle

Your greatest peace of mind will be to be by your side. If you have an emergency en route, or you are exhausted, no matter how optimistic you finish the route, you cannot take another step, do not worry, Call us and we will come!

Travel assistance insurance

Travel insurance will give you coverage for additional medical assistance, an extra guarantee to walk without fear. However, do not worry since physical injuries are not usually the main tonic, but rather fatigue.

Comfortable accommodations and close treatment

The establishments that we offer you have private rooms with bathroom own, as well as all the necessary services for your rest and tranquility after the daily walk. The staff will make you feel at home.


Before starting the organization of the Camino, not only people with more years think that they will not be able to go through the proposed stages every day, but all people of any age, since a priori our body is not used to walking long distances.

The important thing is to know our body well and adapt it well to future stages. In case of having a chronic injury, we should previously consult with the specialist if we can walk a certain distance.

Physical preparation for the Camino de Santiago


No matter our age, from children to the elderly it is advisable that we accommodate our body and muscles to do the route. You can consult a small guide to tips for training before starting our organized trip to the Camino de Santiago. Walking will be the key!


Many people like to wait until they are retired, have more time, and enjoy this adventure. To undertake this ancient pilgrimage route and do it at least once in your life, with 8 stages is more than enough.

If we are looking for a climate that helps us to our physical condition, the most recommended months are the months of May, June and September.

You do not have to adapt to the Camino, the Camino de Santiago will adapt to your physical needs and according to your possibilities. It is not a competition, enjoying is a duty, and suffering is minimized as much as possible to make your trip to Santiago de Compostela possible!

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