Make a organized trip to the camino de santiagoRegardless of the chosen route, it is a wonderful experience from any point of view. Beyond any physical effort and religious beliefs, there is the spiritual and personal growth that this journey entails.

Regardless of the time of year, it will always be unforgettable, although each season has its pros and cons. If you have not yet decided what is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago, here we will leave you some details. We will talk about the differences with respect to each one of them and we will help you clear up your doubts.

Choose dates: what is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago

Do not think that it is a doubt that only invades you, in fact, once the decision to do the tour is made, then you must choose the ideal time. But, there is no concrete answer. This depends on each one of the pilgrims and the experiences they expect on their journey to Santiago de Compostela.

In addition to the climatic factor, making the pilgrimage in one season or another will also determine the influx of walkers that you can find on the way. As you will understand, it also varies depending on the time of year.

Before going with each season, we must say that some expert pilgrims They recommend doing the route in spring, between April and May. Another alternative is do it in autumn, between September and October. The temperatures are still pleasant and most of the shelters are open.

We go on to explain in more detail the pros and cons of doing the Camino de Santiago depending on the season:

Camino de Santiago from Tui

In the winter

It is a station with great weather difficulties and daily challenges. As the statistics indicate, few pilgrims dare to embark on this adventure during these cold months. As you will guess, snow and ice will be a constant. At Viajes Mundiplus we do not operate the route in winter, since the vast majority of the accommodations with which we work remain closed.

Points in favor

Although there are few who are brave, this station also has some advantages, especially from the economic point of view. As the influx of pilgrims is low in these months, the few hotels and restaurants that open their doors decide to use some promotions attractive to the pocket.

It is true that most public hostels keep their doors open all year round. If you take into account the few walkers, it will not be difficult to find a vacancy. Of course, remember that not all have heating.

To account for

Remember that, during winter, there are fewer daylight hours compared to the rest of the year. Therefore, it is important that you plan your routes well, so that darkness does not arrive. On the other hand, by not having so much sun, the exhaustion during the tour will also be less.

If you decide to choose winter, el Northern Way it’s a good option. Keep in mind that the north of Spain during these months tends to have milder temperatures than in the interior.

During the summer

You should know that the summer is the busiest time for pilgrims, regardless of the Jacobean route. It is the season of the year where most people have days off, either from studies or work. Being at this time the Camino de Santiago from Sarria organized the most popular route.

In addition to the holidays, there is also the fact that during the month of July the festivities in Santiago de Compostela. They have July 25, the day of the Apostle Santiago, as the central day. This translates into hundreds of attendees who will arrive to enjoy the activities.

Points in favor

If we talk about the weather, obviously there will be days where rains will be less likely for most of the journey.

However, high temperatures will always be a factor, which could cause you some inconvenience. Then make sure to include cool clothing that offers a good perspiration system, as well as proper hydration.

To account for

Accommodation during this season is not entirely easyEspecially if you are considering a public shelter. Being the time when more pilgrims are encouraged to take the tour, it is a fact that the hostels are at their maximum capacity. The path becomes a kind of race to get to the accommodation as soon as possible.

As for private accommodation, equally Don’t leave everything to the last minute and book in advance with our expert travel agency on the route. Above all, if you go for the French Way, The most popular.

Camino de Santiago at Easter

During spring and autumn

These stations, considered intermediate, are recommended for doing the Camino de Santiago, especially due to the climatic factor. The temperatures are characterized by being quite pleasant and the rains do not represent a major problem.

Besides, another point in favor of these seasons is that the number of pilgrims is low. This means that You will not have so many problems when finding accommodation, either in the network of public shelters or private establishments

Don’t worry, you’ll find enough to share with them in shelters or feeding places.

Among the most popular Jacobean routes, we recommend depending on the season:

  • French Way, ideal to do it in spring, with beautiful landscapes.
  • Primitive Way, you will definitely enjoy in the pleasant autumn evenings.

final recommendations

After this detailed explanation, We cannot say that there is a better time than another or one that is ideal for doing the Camino de Santiago. Everything will depend on the specific tastes and the time you have available during the year to do it.

During some months, the temperatures are usually much more recommended to make these journeys. But, they do not necessarily represent an impediment or advantage. After all, the most important thing is to get to Santiago de Compostela.

In any case, whether it is sunny, cold or cool days, the recommendations will always be the same: Enjoy the experience to the fullest, wear the right clothes, suitable footwear that does not cause damage, plenty of sun protection and hydration.

The Camino de Santiago is a wonderful experience that will change your perspective on life. Also, you will surely want to do it again and perhaps try another route.