Doing the Camino de Santiago will always be a wonderful experience at any time and time of the year. However, there are some dates that are a little more representative, especially for those who do it with a much more marked religious intention. Of course, we are talking about Easter. However, there are more and more pilgrims who do it without having any religious component on the trip.

Also known as Semana Mayor, it is a very important celebration for Catholics and in Spain. It is marked by processions, free days and of course, the possibility of living a new adventure on the Camino de Santiago, regardless of the chosen route.

Do the Camino de Santiago at Easter

According to statistics from the Pilgrim’s Office, although Santiago de Compostela receives a large number of people every day, it is precisely during this week when more people come. In fact, during these dates 10% arrives of the total number of pilgrims who do so annually.

Throughout the whole way the pilgrims will get different activities to carry out around this week.

Advantages of doing the Camino de Santiago at Easter

There may be many, but here we are going to leave some of the most outstanding:

Take advantage of the first days off of the year

After the Christmas and New Year celebrations, where most gather with relatives, the first days off that most Spaniards have They are for Easter. There are many who look forward to these dates to disconnect a bit from the routine.

These are dates in which many take the opportunity to do what other dates of the year cannot do, but without the need to resort to long journeys. There are many who enjoy a whole week (with both weekends) to do shorter routes on this route.

Views of the Cathedral of Santiago

First encounter with the routes

Of course, nobody expects to complete the Camino de Santiago at Easter, especially if one takes into account that there are some routes with more than 35 stages. However, these days are propitious for have a first meeting with some of them.

An option that is becoming more and more popular is to make the Camino de Santiago from Sarria (last stages of the Camino Frances), so that they coincide directly with the days of Holy Week.

Nice weather

Although the tour can be done at any time of the year, during the months of April, May and June, it becomes much more recommendable. The reason is none other than the pleasant temperatures, where the heat is not so pronounced, nor is the cold.

Easter falls this Year 2023 in April. If we compare it with the autumn months, the climate is more pleasant and with good weather almost every day. In addition, the nights are quite cool. It should also be noted that during these dates, the number of minutes of sunlight daily increases.

The beauty of the landscape at this time

Holy Week also marks the beginning of spring, so the landscapes begin to bloom, contributing a great variety of colors to the fields and other landscapes. Besides, the rivers calm down again, with a crystalline appearance, after the rainy months.

The birds and butterflies will be present as companions on the way, so in general the landscapes will be charming.

not so many pilgrims

Despite how hot and exhausting it is, the Camino de Santiago It is much more frequented during the summer months, especially the French Way. This is because during this time most have more days off.

During Holy Week there are also pilgrims along the way, but the concentration of pilgrims will not be a problem.

Tips for doing the Camino de Santiago at Easter

Once the decision to do the Camino de Santiago at Easter has been made, here are some tips that can be quite useful.

Physical training

Although it is not about completing the route in this short time, it is necessary to have a previous physical preparation, even if it’s just the last six stages.

The purpose is not to suffer any type of injury that could ruin the plans. The best recommendation is to take the habit of walking, doing it every day for at least the previous month. If possible, you should increase the intensity, the route and the duration of the journeys.

Also, as an extra tip, it is recommended wear more or less similar equipment to the one that will be had in these sections.

A lot of hydration

It may be quite obvious to some, but it is essential, especially since when it is not summer many forget to hydrate.

You can take any container, from canteens or water bottles. It is also important to learn to dose the use, because there may be routes where the sources are several kilometers apart.

Per walker is recommended a liter of water and take a good amount about every half hour.

If you decide to undertake this thousand-year-old route at Easter, our organizing agency of the Camino de Santiago He will prepare all the details for your greatest comfort and enjoyment of the trip.