Throughout the year 2019 in the Pilgrims Office of Santiago de Compostela 347.578 pilgrims were received compared to the 327.378 pilgrims in 2018, which represents an increase of 20.200 people compared to the previous year.

By sex

Pilgrim Women were 177.857 (51,15%) compared to 164.836 (Year 2018)
Men pilgrims represent 69.777 (48,85%) compared to 162.542 (Year 2018)

Modality to make the pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago on foot 327.281 pilgrims visited it compared to 306.064 in 2018.
El Bike path shot by 19.563 bicigrinos compared to 20.787 in 2018.

Pilgrims’ motivations to do the Camino de Santiago

Religious and others: 169.314
Religious: 140.110
Non-religious: 38.154

pilgrims way of santiago


Origin of the pilgrims who make a Camino Santiago with organized trip

They visit the Camino de Santiago from all parts of the globe, being 55% foreigners, among whom, by number, the Italians, Germans, Americans and Portuguese stand out, in this order.

Busiest roads

French Way It is still the most traveled route, with 55% of the pilgrims.
El Portuguese Way It follows, although at a great distance with 21% of the total. It is consolidated as an alternative for those pilgrims who have already completed the French Way.

Starting places of the Camino Santiago pilgrims

El Camino de Santiago from Sarria is the clear winner, with Sarria being the main town from which more pilgrims started their Camino with 96.124 people, followed by Saint Jean Pie de Port with 33.197, Porto with 27.924, Tui with 22.814 and Ferrol with 15.097.