General Conditions of Contract Combined trip Camino de Santiago

The reservation and contracting of any of the trips included in this program implies the total acceptance of these general contracting conditions.

These general conditions will be governed by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, (BOE 287 of 30 of November 2007), and other legal provisions in force.

The contractual relationship between the organizing agency and the client is governed by the clauses of the combined travel contract, by the technical sheet of the trip and other additional documents sent to the client detailing its final content; as well as by these general conditions. The client has the obligation to check the documentation received by the Organizing Agency, and any questions about it must be notified before the trip begins.

The customer will be responsible for the information provided in the reservation form. VIAJES MUNDIPLUS is not responsible for the consequences that may arise from the introduction of false or incorrect data by the client.

If the client requests a specific trip, different from those proposed on the website, they will be subject to a specific reservation and cancellation policy that will be sent by the agency in each particular case.

ORGANIZATION: The technical organization of the trips included in this program has been made by VIAJES MUNDIPLUS, SL CIF: B-86520665 with registered office at Calle Juan Duque 42, 3ºB Esc Drcha-Madrid (Telephone or e-mail). Online travel agency duly registered with the Directorate General of Tourism of the Community of Madrid, with CICMA license number 2620.

The Agency has a mandatory liability insurance as established by law. In the same way, all Our trips include travel assistance insurance.

The cancellation insurance is an optional service that the client can contract when formalizing the trip.

Steps to follow to formalize the reservation

1. Reservation and management:
Fill in and send the reservation form to which you can access from any of our routes.

2. Payment of the reservation:
Make the deposit of (100 Euros / person), to formalize the reservation. In case of reservations for more than one person, a single payment will be made that includes the entire reservation.

Payment Methods:

- Credit or debit card: You will be redirected to the bank's website in a secure way.

The payment gateway, in any case, is foreign to Viajes Mundiplus and we will never see the financial data, such as the number of your card or bank account, of the User.

- Paypal: Payment gateway managed by Paypal that allows payment through Paypal account or credit or debit card.

PayPal is a service, in any case, foreign to Viajes Mundiplus. Through payment with PayPal, Viajes Mundiplus will never see the financial data, such as the number of your card or bank account, of the User. If you have questions about PayPal, you can contact PayPal's Customer Service or consult your own General Conditions.

- Wire transfer:

Owner: Viajes Mundiplus, SL
Sabadell Bank
IBAN: ES39 0081 5735 4900 0171 8672

3. Communication and Confirmation:

- If you select the payment method with credit / debit card or Paypal We will send you immediate confirmation of your payment and a firm reservation of the same. We will begin immediately the steps of your trip to the Camino de Santiago

- If you select the payment option by bank transfer, the reservation will not be considered firm until the firm payment has been received. We recommend sending e-mail with proof of the transfer to expedite the processing of your reservation.

4. Payment of remaining amounts:

The rest of the payment must be paid 30 days before the start of each Program.

- If you select the payment method with credit / debit card: We will contact you and send you a direct payment link to the payment gateway with the remaining amount you must pay. Within approximately 9 days, we will send you via e-mail the main information of your trip. Once upon your arrival at the first accommodation you will receive at the reception of the same information and complementary printed documentation (request it upon arrival please)

* You can hire a trip less than 30 days in advance, in which case you will have to pay the total amount of the trip requested, through a direct payment link that we will send you.

- If you select the payment option by bank transfer, you must pay the remaining amount, or total in case of contracting less than 30 days in advance, in the account of Viajes Mundiplus indicated above.

Included and optional services:

The included and optional services are those that are specified in the travel technical sheet that is provided after the payment of the reservation.

Cancellation policy

Any cancellation made by the client must be notified in writing to the e-mail:

At all times the consumer and user can desist from the requested services, having the right to the return of the amounts that he / she had paid, but must compensate the Agency in the amounts indicated below:

It will pay the management fees (Deposit € 100 / person), NON-REFUNDABLE, unless cancellation is notified more than 30 calendar days before the start of the Tour.
2. Pay the cancellation fees, if any.

3. Pay the Penalty Expenses:

- If the cancellation occurs with more than 10 and less than 15 days at the beginning of the trip: 5% of the amount, once the deposit of 100 € / person has been deducted.

- If the cancellation occurs between 3 and 10 days at the beginning of the trip: 15% of the amount, once the deposit of € 100 / person has been deducted.

- If the cancellation occurs within 48 hours at the beginning of the trip: 25% of the amount, once the deposit of 100 € / person has been deducted.

- The non-presentation or not attendance of the registered without prior cancellation will mean the loss of 100% of the amount.

Once the trip has begun, the suspension, modification, interruption of the services or voluntary withdrawal by a client for personal reasons or any other reason, will not give rise to any refund of the services contracted and not enjoyed.

In the event that the Agency is obliged to cancel any of its programs for reasons not attributable to the client, it will indemnify the client for all the amounts paid by the Program.

There will be no obligation on the part of the Agency to indemnify the client when the cancellation of the Program is due to reasons of force majeure, or sufficient cause. It is understood by the latter those circumstances alien to those who invoke them, abnormal, whose consequences could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.


All persons registered in the trip are responsible for having in order the necessary documentation for the country visited (ID, passport, visa, sanitary measures, etc.) regarding the consultations, the Agency acts as an informant, but it is the responsibility of the client confirm them to the competent authorities. In the event that, due to lack or incorrectness of the necessary documentation, the client is forced to cancel or abandon the trip, the Agency will apply the conditions indicated in the cancellation policy.

Modify reservation date

Once the client has formalized the reservation and paid the corresponding payments:

* The date of the requested trip, can only be modified more than 15 days before the start of the trip (IT WILL NOT INVOLVE ANY COST) - The modification of dates It will only be valid as long as the trip is made at most until October 31 of the current year in which the initial reservation was made. Otherwise, the initial deposit paid will be lost.
- The date of the trip can not be modified less than 15 days before the start of the route. It will be considered a cancellation of the trip, with the corresponding expenses that derive (specified above). Later, if the client wishes, he can formalize a new reservation.

* The modification will only affect the dates of the trip, not the reserved itinerary that can not be modified in any case.

Transfer of the reservation

The principal contractor or the beneficiary may freely assign his reservation to a person who meets all the conditions required for the same, communicating it in writing at least 48 hours before the start of the trip. The person who transfers his reservation and the transferee will be jointly and severally liable to the Agency for the payment of the balance of the price, as well as the additional expenses justified that said transfer may have caused.

Modification of the contract

If before the departure of the trip, the organizer is obliged to significantly modify the essential elements of the trip, it must notify the consumer and user, so that the latter can choose between terminating the contract, or accepting the modifications of the trip initially contracted . The consumer and user must communicate the decision they adopt to the Agency within three days after being notified of such eventuality. In the event that the consumer and user does not notify their decision in the terms indicated, it will be understood that they opt for the termination of the contract without any penalty.

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December 10, 2019