Face Washing in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and its Portico de la Gloria

July 26, 2018

It has been waiting but after years of restoration of the Main facade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (Plaza del Obradoiro) and the Portico de la Gloria they already look a more renewed look. A thorough washing of the face to eliminate the "blackish" color and even the moss that was already coming out of some of its stones. All with the goal of an arduous restoration program so that the whole Cathedral shows its best clothes in the next HOLY YEAR 2021, and whose works will continue until then.

The visits to the Pórtico de la Gloria are opened to the public, taking advantage of the Festivities of the Apostle Santiago.

In groups of no more than 25 people and lasting about 15 minutes It will be accessed from the staircase of the main facade of the Plaza del Obradoiro. It will be possible to visit until Autumn, moment in which it will be encapsulated to avoid damage in the achievement of the interior reforms of the Cathedral itself.

With a cost of about 17 million euros, the works in the Cathedral of Santiago include not only the aforementioned facade of the Plaza del Obradoiro and the famous Porch of Glory, but also the rehabilitation of the facade of the Plaza Quintana, the cleaning of the Clock Tower and the ones of Xelmírez and Abades, as well as roofs, the restoration of the Portico and the interior rehabilitation of the basilica (the latter being slower and which will imply restrictions of access and visits, as well as the functioning of the Botafumeiro that like the pilgrims)

Santiago de Compostela and its Cathedral await you, discover the Main routes on foot of the Camino de Santiago that arrive until the city that lodges the rest of the Apostle Santiago.