Organize the Camino de Santiago

Discover how to organize your Camino de Santiago experience and live an unforgettable adventure step by step. Our experience will be your peace of mind. Travel safe!

Many doubts arise before starting the Camino de Santiago for the first time. Although there is a lot of information, both on the internet and a lot of literature about it, we will try to shed some light on the matter as one of the main organizing agencies of the Camino de Santiago, so that you can make a decision, as close as possible to what you are looking for.

Although we imagine, as it happened to us the first time we did the Camino de Santiago and were subsequently fascinated, the uncertainty and some nervousness is logical that you have, before something new. These fears will dissipate in the first few hours of the ride, just as they did for us.

Everything is much simpler than it seems, for your peace of mind, keep in mind that millions of pilgrims have already done the route you plan to do and that at least half of them do not know the language and start and finish the walk without any problem. Do not be afraid and remember that the Camino is waiting for you!

Here are some tips for organize the Camino de Santiagohow to prepare and plan the most relevant aspects of the trip; as well as practical information to make some of our itineraries to the Camino de Santiago, being the Camino de Sarria a Santiago the most popular and the most traveled by pilgrims of different nationalities.

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